Treasures from the Past: Collecting and the Younger Generation

We have all read about the graying population in the antique and collectible field. Shows try to reach out to younger collectors all the time, hoping to instill much needed new life blood into the field. With that in the back of my head, Cindy (Seniormovingspecialists) and myself decided to bring my granddaughters and her daughter to the 20th annual Fenton convention.

Would three girls aged 8-10 want to deal with shopping in antique stores, going to auctions and listening to seminars on glassblowing and decorating? The answer is yes, provided you intersperse swimming and some silliness into the 5 day trip. Julia, already a veteran auction goer cheerfully added to her mouse collection which now fills all the shelves in her room. My granddaughters Mena and Kaylen had yet to go to an auction but rapidly learned the thrill of bidding and winning on some items. All enjoyed the trip to the factory to not only purchase glass but to learn how those pieces were made. They were thrilled to meet some of the designers and decorators along with the glassblowers with Kaylen declaring at trip’s end she was going to work at Fenton when she grew up. Others who met the girls were thrilled to find new younger collectors enjoying what they collect with one even giving a sweet Fenton Cardinal to Julia just as a thank you. I also found that people approached us more often stating they would try to bring their younger family members or grands with them next time seeing how well our kids had been throughout the visit.

The end result? Three younger girls who are more enamored of Fenton than before who plan to keep collecting. What would the three like to add next to their collections? Julie would like to find more mice, Mena is pleading with me for a Fenton Lamp with Kaylen stating she is not picky, all she wants is a Fenton basket in blue or pink.

Frances Janis
Treasures From The Past

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