Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day - Doodle Dandy's

Owners Name: Marlene Biddle

A little introduction: Nothing pleases me more than to hear a customer tell of finally finding that long, lost item from their childhood. It is not only fun but a privilege to find new homes for these lost treasures. My first love is glass but I offer a variety of antiques, collectibles and vintage.

Favorite item in your shop? Victorian Rubina Verde Brides Bowl. Beautiful large brides bowl basket in shades of cranberry and vaseline on ornate metal stand.

What got you started selling online? I have been selling online since 2001, but in business since 1989. My passion started with a few pieces of Bauer and a bright blue Universal Pottery teapot passed down from my Grandmother. I loved those pieces so much that I had to buy a book about dinnerware to learn more about my new treasures. It just mushroomed from there.

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