Love Train Vintage: Sometimes easy is the way to go!

While I love having my Ruby Plaza store, I have been semi-frustrated with the amount of traffic coming to my store. I started thinking about what I could do to get people to at least stop by and see what I have to offer. I looked at where my customers have been coming from and what they have been buying. You can send out emails letting your past customers know you are having a sale or give them a discount if they come in and buy something but half the time that email offer ends up in their spam folder never to even be looked at.

Sometimes when you're trying to drive business to your store you overlook the simplest and easiest things that are right at your fingertips. For example, right in our stores on Ruby Plaza there are buttons so that you can twitter your items or put them on your face book wall. Now how simple is that? Right there nice and easy you have the ability to reach loads of potential customers if you just click a button!

Well I decided last week to make a concentrated effort to twitter and face book items in my store. The results were amazing. On average when I utilized these tools on Ruby Plaza I averaged over 300 hits in my store a day. Now granted it has not resulted in over 300 sales a day but people can't make a purchase from you if they don't visit your store. What I also found is that people coming in to look at those items I tweeted or face booked also looked at other items in my store. So if the item that brought them in didn't interest them there were other things there that did. What surprised me the most is that my potential customers have not been looking at just my lowest priced items. What has caught their interest has really been spread across the gamut of the least expensive items to the highest priced items in my store.

So why wait another day. Why not give these tools a try? You'll never know unless you give it a try. I was really pleasantly surprised with the response and I'll continue to use these tools. It might just also get the word out there about Ruby Plaza as a whole and that's a good thing for all the sellers here.

Marge Leyden
Love Train Vintage

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