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Ruby Plaza Shop: Mary Ann, Mary Ann Designs

Ruby Lane Shop: Anna's Vintage Jewelry

Owners Name: Mary Ann Docktor-Smith

A little introduction: I am a vintage jewelry dealer and collector, and also design and make artisan jewelry. One of my favorite occupations is writing and lecturing about vintage costume jewelry, as I enjoy sharing my passion for vintage with others. Florenza jewelry is my specialty as a collector and historian - as I appreciate the tremendous variation of designs and pieces created by the Dan Kasoff Co.

Favorite item in your shop?
Naming a favorite piece is like being asked to name your favorite child! But this Elizabeth Taylor for Avon set is at the top of my list. A fabulous design and extremely well-made jewelry that includes the original box, velvet bag, tissue and brochure. It's like a little mini-museum. 650193-RL549/Elizabeth-Taylor-Avon-Heart-Hollywood

What got you started selling online?
I have been an online jewelry dealer since early 2006. My love of vintage costume and artisan jewelry was my incentive to start my business, and to open Ruby Plaza and Ruby Lane shops. My wonderful customers and their joy in obtaining special jewelry treasures is my continuing incentive to stay in business. It is also the reason why I wake up every morning eager to go to work. I love my job!

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