Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day: Panoply

Owners Name: Rita Cobb

A little introduction: At Panoply, we hope you find "a wide-ranging and impressive array" of antique, vintage, collectible and other unique items. Whatever your fancy, we hope you'll delight in browsing our shop and visit often!

We are particularly drawn to Romantic, Art Deco/Flapper and Primitive collections. At any given "shopportunity,” you may find time-worn utilitarian household objects, romantic, girlie-girl gadgets, or Art Deco/Flapper fabulous finds!

Member, Antique Purse Collectors' Society

Favorite item in your shop?
This antique floral beaded drawstring purse, a reticule, has a unique diagonal design (both sides) made of tiny glass beads, all hand-crafted more than a century ago. Its pristine condition speaks to the fact that its previous owner(s) thought highly enough of it to properly store and preserve its beauty.

What got you started selling online?I first started selling online in May, 2010, for a several reasons: to explore and take advantage of the marketing opportunities that Ruby Lane was offering in its new web-based Plaza; to complement my bricks and mortar (antique booth space) venue of selling; to target a broader customer base for some of my more specialized collections.

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