Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day: Synergy Jewelry Designs & Collectibles

Name of your Ruby Lane Shop: Synergy Collectibles

Owners Name: Karen Soldwisch

A little introduction:

I’ve been a collector my entire life. Fascination with my mother’s objects d’art, jewelry and clothing led me to my passion of vintage collectibles. As I began collecting older accessories, there was a bevy of vintage trinkets calling out on treasure hunts as well. Being a creative soul, led me to design the “Grandmother’s Jewel Box Vintage” series of jewelry in my shops. I have definitely found my élan!

Favorite item in your shop?

If someone asked to pick the prettiest item in my shop, hands down, it would be the Mandalian Mesh Handbag! As a collector of vintage, unusual handbags head to the top of the list. This colorful vintage Mandalian is a premier example of craftsmanship! It has a wonderful design, gorgeous colors and in top notch condition!

What got you started selling online?

As is the case with most collectors, sometimes your ardor can get a little out of hand! One day while exploring the web, I found a wonderful online venue called Ruby Lane! I was thrilled at the quality of the site, especially how user friendly it was. Over four years ago, I decided to venture into online sales for my collectibles and jewelry to appeal to a wider market. It has been a blast and I LOVE it!

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