The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: Caroline Emmons Jewelry - Sarah Coventry's Lesser Known Sister Company

Most collectors of vintage jewelry are well acquainted with the designer mark Sarah Cov. However, the founder of this company, Charles H. Stuart, wasn't content to found a company solely in honor of his daughter Sarah. He also had a sister company to honor his wife - Caroline Emmons Stuart called Emmons Jewelry.

The company was founded in 1949 and, as was the case with Sarah Coventry jewelry, Emmons jewelry was sold through the home party plan. The early directors of the company were typically men, but women representatives took their place as the norm after the mid 1950s.

Emmons designs were well made, good looking and easy on the wallet. Often a design was made in matching pieces - brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Full parures are much harder to find now than single pieces.

Emmons jewelry was a slightly higher priced line when it was produced, so the production numbers were lower than for those of Sarah Coventry jewelry. For this reason, Emmons vintage jewelry commands higher prices than those of the sister designer, Sarah Cov. It is still available for reasonable prices, however.

Only purchase Emmons designs in mint condition. Although slightly harder to find than Sarah Coventry, and some reference book have very high values for retail prices, the pieces are relatively easy to find now, so don't sacrifice condition to aquire an Emmons piece. Choose jewelry that you like, and always choose pieces in good condition. If you can get the jewelry in the original boxes, do so, as this will increase the value of the jewelry in years to come.






There have been various marks used for Emmons jewelry. The early Design Mark in 1949, which is now harder to find, was EmJ, and the later one after 1955 was Emmons in block letters with the copyright symbol embossed into the metal on the back of the piece.

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