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Perfumes come in many different classifications. The first classification called the Traditional Classification which started about 1900 included the following categories:
Single Floral : This category consists of scents that are dominated by one specific flower.
Floral Bouquet: There is a combination of several flower scents.
Ambered Or Oriental :This is a larger category that includes scents of Ambergris or Labdanum which are called Animalic scents. These are often used with vanilla, tonka bean and other flower and wood scents. Guerlain Shalimar is one example which also uses camphorous oils, and incense resins.
Wood: These fragrances are woody scents such as agarwood, sandalwood, and cedarwood. Patchouli, which has a camphoraceous scent is also used in the Wood Category.One example of this would be Myrurgia's Maderas De Oriente.
Leather: The scents of honey, tobacco, wood and wood tars are found in this category.
Chypre: Which means cyprus in French consist of bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, and labdanum. An example is Mitsouko by Guerlain.
Fougere: Meaning Fern in French, built on a base of lavender, coumarin and oakmoss. The use of this base was pioneered by Houbigant’s Fougere Royal.  This family of fragrances are sharp herbaceous and woody scents used in many men’s scents.
Modern:  The Modern Classification started about 1945. There were advances made in technology in the perfume industry with the introduction of synthetic scents. The public’s tastes in scents had changed also opening this whole new classification.

Bright Floral: This category uses a combination of the traditional Single Floral & Floral Bouquet categories. A good example would be Estee Lauder’s Beautiful.

Green: This is a modern version of the Chypre, with pronounced cut grass, crushed green leaf and cucumber-like scents. A good example of this is Sisley’s Eau de Campagne.

Aquatic, Oceanic, or Ozonic: This is the newest category. It first made an appearance in 1991 with Christian Dior’s Dune. Fragrances in this category usually contain calone,He which is a synthetic scent developed in 1966.


Citrus:Hermes’s Eau D’orange Verte is an example of this category.This category started out as freshening eau de colognes. Newer fragrance compounds allowed the development of primarily citrus fragrances.

Fruity:Just as the name implies fruits are featured in this category, such as citrus, peach, black currant, mango, passion fruit and many others. Ginestet Botrytis is an example of this category.

Gourmand: This category makes your mouth water because of the dessert-like qualities. Vanilla, tonka bean, coumarin, along with synthetic components that have the scent of food flavors are used in this category. One example is Thierry Mugler’s Angel.

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