Never Knowing

I came upon a beautiful pendant at a garage sale and put it in my pile of jewelry. One day I was looking through my costume jewelery and happened to see this pendant. I thought it looked better than most of my cheaper pieces that I sell at the flea market for a couple of dollars. I also noticed the piece had a name on the back which read Nolan Miller. I researched his name and was surprised to find that he had been designing jewelry for many years. He had designed jewelry for shows like Dynasty and the Colby's. He has also won many designer awards. He won a Emmy in 1983 for best designer. He has been a designer for Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins and Sophia Loren. Nolan Miller jewelry designs are said to be the best choice for walking on the red carpet in Hollywood.

He was born in 1935 and as a young boy loved movies and always wanted to be a fashion designer. He worked in the oil fields in Texas and then moved to Los Angeles to attend art school. He was trying to reach his life long dream to become a designer. He had to work in a florist shop until he could find a position in design work. There he met Arron Spelling and started to design for him and his movies. The rest of the story is history, and he was very successful in his design work. He designed jewelry for QVC for 19 years. As of July 10,2009 and according to QVC Nolan is presently battling cancer. He designed a beautiful heart pendant and donated the money to cancer research on lung cancer.

On July 4th he announced his retirement from QVC. If you find you have a piece of Nolan Miller jewelry, don't be caught sleeping like I was. Wake up and know you have found a piece of history and something very good.

Sandy Compton
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