Mystic Stones Are Not Vintage

There are some treated gems widely available in contemporary jewelry, identified as “Mystic” gems. These stones have an appearance somewhat similar to the Aurora Borealis coated stones developed in the 1950s.

While most Aurora Borealis treatments were done on glass beads after Swarovski developed the process, the new “Mystic” treatments are often done on genuine stone, with colorless Topaz being one of the first marketed varieties.

Azotic Coating Technologies, Inc. developed and patented this new process in 1998, launching the Mystic Topaz© gem line. The firm refers to their process of enhancement as Azotic© enhancement. According to the company, the process utilizes “a thin-film optical treatment. This method is known within the technical industry as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). The PVD method is unique: utilizing various minerals, oxygen and high vacuum.”

It appears that some overseas suppliers are also producing pieces with a similar finish.

As the process was patented in 1998, the stones with this “Mystic’ finish are not seen in vintage items, and items featuring stones with these finishes are not eligible for normal listing in the Antique and Vintage Jewelry Lane. Antique & Vintage Jewelry items not yet 20 years old can qualify to be listed only if these conditions are met:

The specific item is referenced in a printed price guide book or recognized online price guide, and the name of the price guide in which the item was found and the year the item was made are both provided within the listing.

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