How Jewelry and Listing is Therapeutic

I have had my store open on Ruby Plaza For quite some time now, and it has been an amazing experience. I stated in my first blog I have severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and am 100% disabled. It has been hard to come to terms with letting go of my dreams to work in the medical field. So, instead, I turned to my second love; fashion, jewelry and all thing vintage! Thanks to my mom, who has been teaching me everything, I have found a way to fill that void.

My store has become an outlet for my emotions and restlessness. It has been therapeutic to look for beautiful and unique pieces. I love photography, so finding a unique way to photograph and list my jewelry has also been another creative outlet. I suffer from some pretty bad insomnia, so listing items late at night while the world is sleeping, gives peace to know that in the morning someone will get to wake up and look at one of my little treasures. I know it makes my day to look at my own personal pieces and put something on.

Ruby Plaza has become an amazing therapy for me, every part of it. Owning a store, with the photography and listing, browsing the other shops, and especially writing these blogs.

It’s great to know that I can find vintage and new jewelry that is a little odd and bring that new twist to Ruby Plaza. I feel like I am accomplishing something by bringing these beautiful and unique pieces to the world.

Debi Brown

Vixen’s Vintage Venue

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