In Love With Romance

When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out. 
~ Elizabeth Bowen

Throughout the year, but especially at Christmas, I watch every sappy love movie there is, can’t get enough.  When given a choice for movie night my preference is a “chick flick”. If I pick up a book to read, it has two lovers embracing on the cover, definitely a romance story.  For me, it’s all about love and romance and that is why I love both the Christmas season as well as Valentine’s Day so much! Call me a hopeless romantic; I am in love with love!

Romantics are idealists, sentimental dreamers, imaginative, fun loving, and full of passion for living.  Perhaps sometimes too quixotic for their own good!  They believe in true love, soul-mates and happily ever after, yes, the fairy tale.  Romance is synonymous with love and is defined as a feeling of excitement associated with love.  Remember the feeling when you first fell in love?  That euphoric feeling is brief but us romantics hope to always rekindle that spark! Romance can mean sweet little gestures, a call, text or a silly love note to let the apple of your eye know you are thinking of them and they are cherished! Love is about bringing a smile to your honey’s face for no reason other than simply that you love them!

Here are some ideas for adding a touch of romance to a life full of surprises:

  • Take a drive in the country

  • Plan a picnic not only in the summer but to brighten up a cold winter night inside

  • Rent their favorite movie

  • Have breakfast or dessert in bed

  • Enjoy a candlelight dinner

  • Cook together

  • Give a massage

  • Take a long relaxing stroll savoring the sights and sounds

  • Hold hands and caress

  • Whisper something sweet in his or her ear

  • Even just lend a ear to truly listen

  • Mail a handwritten note or card to your love’s work or home

  • Tell your sweetie what you love and treasure most about them

  • Perform a chore that your partner hates to do

  • Do a project that’s been on the to-do list

  • Take interest in their hobby even if it’s not your thing

A little more costly, but totally worth it:

  • Plan a weekend get-away

  • Make a reservation at a special restaurant

  • Bring home a bouquet of flowers just because or send them to your gal at work, brighten up her day and make co-workers envious

  • Plan an outing that you know your beloved has always wanted to do such as a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, white water rafting, zip lining or something adventurous to get your heart racing

A romantic or anyone really would love to be on the receiving end of one of these loving gestures! And talk about kicking romance up a notch!

And most of all, never forget the special days: birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day (no, it is not just a hallmark holiday!). These special days give opportunities to strengthen your bond as you celebrate romance and the love you share. Oh, sweet love… February 14th is coming; us romantics are excited over the possibilities! Yippee!

Karen Soldwisch

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