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1.    Cowboy hats in all colors and materials, from felt, to woven straw, to classic ten-gallon hats. If vintage cowboy hats are too much for you, try barrettes shaped like them, or vintage bandanas to tie back your hair.   Vintage materials featuring cowboys and rodeo motifs are also a good way to get that “cowboy hat” feel without actually wearing one.

2.    Concho belts:  These look great with denim skirts and dresses.  Pricey examples are real silver, but great costume examples with real or faux turquoise or other stones look good, too.  Many are traditional shapes, and others take the form of Thunderbirds or Kachina dolls.

Concho Belt Ruby Lane Blog

3.    Cowboy boots: Vintage Frye boots were made for children and adults.  Lladro vaquero boots are rare and amazing.  For those who love the look, there are vintage McCoy cowboy boot vases, silver charm spurs, boots, and cowboys; even miniature leather examples fit for cowboy and cowgirl dolls.   Many companies made vintage boots in all colors for both men and women.  They have never gone out of style, and the older they are, the better.

Cowboy booth Ruby Lane Blog Western Must Haves
Vintage Cowboy Boots Ruby Lane Blog

4.    Silver and turquoise jewelry and Native American beadwork:  Jewelry includes charms with turquoise stones,  Navajo story bracelets of silver or silver inlaid with gold, squash blossom necklaces, bracelets, rings, road runner pins, fetishes, tiny birds of precious and semi-precious stones, and many more traditional designs.  Hair clips and headbands decorated with beadwork are practical as well a beautiful.

Old Native American Navajo indian turquoise jewelry.

5.    Bolo ties are great unisex accessories to wear with western cut shirts.  Attractive examples have large chunks of turquoise or agate and other stones.  Some have silver cow skulls as their centerpiece, and some vintage artist examples feature coyotes inlaid with semiprecious stones.

Bolo Ties Ruby Lane Blog Spotlight on Vintage Fashion

All these accessories look terrific with denim skirts, vests, jeans, and jackets as well as fringed suede skirts and leather jackets.  If you need inspiration, find a vintage 1939 to 40 Western Apparel Catalog on Ruby Lane for reference.

1939 - 1940 Western Clothing Catalog Boots Levi Stauss Stetson Chaps
Vintage Western Fashion Ruby Lane Blog

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