Everything Old is New Again

So the saying goes and this statement is especially true of fashion! With the blockbuster movie “The Great Gatsby”, there certainly is a renewal of interest of the couture and jewelry of the Art Deco era!

Art Deco is a style that originated in the early 1920s and fully emerged in 1925, a consequence of exhibits at the World's Fair held in Paris, France. The term Art Deco is a shortened version of the fair’s name: Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes or the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts. The Art Deco style remained popular until approximately the mid 1930s.

After the flowing and ornate designs of the Art Nouveau era, the Art Deco era that followed produced more modernistic designs. Sleek lines, with geometric shapes, the style was long and lean. The colors were bright and lines were elongated, as well as sharp and angular.

In particular, the Art Deco era saw a great change for women. The Suffrage movement as well as World War I altered the roles for women. They were given more liberties; smoking, driving, entering the work force, voting, just more freedom. Times were prosperous bringing a new way of life filled with indulgence and leisure. The Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties brought about dramatic changes in clothing and hairstyles for the ladies. Along with rising hemlines, were dropping waistlines and a distinctive silhouette of dress topped off with shorter, cropped hairstyles!

Jewelry was much more simple and design came about as a desire for something “different”. Black and white was popular; as were colors with bold and contrasting tones. Bakelite came into vogue and the darker hues accented with marcasite, pearls or paste made for a striking appearance of jewelry, cigarette holders, perfume containers and compacts.

With the dramatic and flowing sleeveless tunics, gals wore stunning bracelets to adorn their exposed arms! The bracelets were straight-line design with square diamonds or square gems in costume jewelry, sapphire and emerald were popular colors. The strappy dresses called for long strands of pearls, sautoirs or lorgnettes. The dress clip was also trendy and could be utilized to embellish a neckline, belt, lapel, purse or hat!

Currently, Tiffany has reported their work on the Gatsby film has boosted sales of Great Gatsby inspired jewelry. Other retailers are jumping on the bandwagon (so to speak) with products piqued by interest in the movie. While many of us ladies cannot afford Tiffany jewels, there definitely are some absolutely awesome Art Deco era vintage collectibles available at reasonable prices! These fascinating items range from compacts to flapper handbags, drop earrings, rhinestone bracelets and dramatic necklaces available to satisfy your desire for that fun-loving Roaring Twenties look! Happy Hunting!


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