Do You Wear Vintage Snowflake and Snowman Jewelry All Winter?

Each year, I seem to accumulate a lot of different Christmas themed jewelry items - mainly pins and earrings. And each year, when the holidays are over, the Santa and reindeer jewelry gets stored for another year, only to come out next December and with a few more "buddies" added to the collection . My favorites pins are the Santas, but I also love to collect many other seasonal themes. Not all of them seem to me to be strictly useful just for the holidays. And I hate to just store them away for a whole year.

Just like all holiday decorations, it seems such a shame that they have just a short lived time for use. I thought it might be fun to see what other types of winter themed jewelry could make it through the still cold months to come.

I live in North Carolina, and we don't get much snow, but some always seems to get here in mid to late January. When it comes, the children get very excited to play in the snow with their snowmen. Why should I put mine away? In cold climates there is snow right up to late March and April. And so I went on a hunt through my stores to see what wintery delights might get a longer usage than just that one month. Many of the items are done out in red and green, so it was a challenge to find something suitable for winter days that didn't seem to be overly Christmas oriented. Angels, snowflakes and snowmen are not just for Christmas, even though people wear them in December.

Here are a few that I found which might give a few more months of wear.

What do you do with your Christmas jewelry? Is it all packed away, or do you continue to wear snowmen, angel and snowflake jewelry when the weather is still cold? Let's start a new trend and keep on wearing some of these for just a few more months.

Carol Speake

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