Vintage Kitchens; Top Five Collectible Ideas!

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by Ruby Lane

1.    Pyrex Bowls and Pyrex ware in different colors:  Nothing beats those colorful nesting bowls, white inside, red, green, yellow, and blue outside.  Everything mixed up and served in them somehow taste better.  Ingredients measured in Pyrex glass measuring cups somehow worked better. 1970s Pyrex Navajo Yellow Gold Casserole Dish with White Glass Lid Vintage… Read more »

What’s Old is New Again | Serve Oysters the Hip Way with Antique Oyster Plates

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by Ruby Lane

Among antique plates or dishes prized by collectors are oyster plates. An oyster plate is easily recognizable because it is divided into oyster-shaped compartments. If you want to be totally ‘hip’, serve oysters on a wonderful antique or vintage oyster plate. Gilded Embellished Two Tone Turkey Oyster Plate Antique Oyster Plate ~ Custom Ordered Vintage… Read more »