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Hi! I am Cody – a ‘dog with a blog’. Who am I?

I am the Ruby Lane Ambassador.


My Mom’s name is Meg. She’s the pretty lady below carrying the Ruby Lane tote bag. She works in an antique store in NYC and is an antique and vintage blogger (with my help, of course!) We go together on many adventures which I am so excited to start to share with you on my blog. You may have seen some of them posted online – but just to recap: we love anything vintage and antique (and especially Christmas and Halloween!), we just got our first apartment in New York and right now, we are adjusting to our new life in ‘The Big Apple’. We have lots of plans this year, but before I get too carried away, let’s start at the beginning…meet my Mom, Meg.

When Meg moved out of her parent’s apartment in upstate New York, she knew she needed a little guy like me to keep her company in the big city. It was a lucky day for me when Meg came into Miss Pickle’s Pet Shop and found me. Mom and I are inseparable and since I am just a little guy, I get to go everywhere! 

Move in day to our new apartment was exciting. The movers brought the furniture and carefully unpacked it for us. Once it was all inside, we knew we had to move quickly to start and furnish the rest of the apartment! 

Meg grew up around antiques in her childhood home in upstate New York and from a young age, she learned about the importance of history, culture, and preserving and appreciating our past through what we surround ourselves with. 
Mom and I have a lot to share with you and we hope you will follow our journey in discovering the magical world of antiques and vintage on our favorite site, Ruby Lane. Join us in our adventures shown through photos and illustrations by our resident illustrator, Denny Plesea who owns Denny Plesea Art Gallery on Ruby Lane. Before I sign off for this week, Mom and I curated some of our must have New Arrivals. Here’s our “Best in Show” from the Vintage Collectibles Lane. Have a doggone great week friends!

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  1. SiemersRafterRoom

    Just wanted to let you know the email alerting to this blog comes through so large that each item is one screen full and more. I’m on a desk top with a 20 inch viewing screen and can just imagine what it looks like on a smaller smartphone.

    • Ruby Lane

      Thank you for letting us know! This was a glitch in the formatting and we figured it out so it won’t happen again in your inbox. We do hope you enjoyed the blog and thanks again for letting us know. – Your Ruby Lane friends

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