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What is the perfect transaction? The customer sees an item or several items in my shop, they order and pay immediately, then I pack and mail the goods, refunding extra postage. They email or phone after receiving the items. Of course we all have had many perfect customers. They make selling online a pleasure.

I always like an order and a prompt payment. Who doesn’t? I’ve noticed that purchase orders seem to come in spurts. With summer being a slower selling season, I now have more time to make a package look special. Using colored tissue paper and a cute note card is one method.

What about slow payers? I always thank the customer for the order and say that I will pack the item. After packing, I send an email that the order is ready to ship. Do they have any questions? I send a Pay Pal invoice if they have trouble checking out. After one week not counting a weekend, I use the Ruby Lane reminder letter. I do modify the letter and give my cell phone number. Most buyers do pay after this letter. A few wish to cancel the order. They may wish to order at a later time or have found another item.

After shipment, I follow up with customers using their email mail address. I thank them for the order and check on their satisfaction. I often suggest other items for future purchases. This will often generate another order. Everyone enjoys being a preferred customer.

I have only had two returns in over 600 orders. I was gracious to the customers. One lady will shop with me again but the other cannot because of being blocked. I did need to block a second person who ordered and wanted a huge discount after ordering. She was in no hurry for her order. I explained that in fairness to all shoppers, I cannot hold items for several weeks. I had given her my best price.

How can we make customers want to shop from our store? Quick reply, fast shipping, well packed box, nice inside message, and follow up with the customer. They can be thrilled and ready to shop again. Busy people often prefer online shopping as it is quicker. Let the customer choose the method of contact: email, phone or gmail.

Imagine if it was you and the object you paid for arrived after two weeks in an old box with used packing material. The buyer may have wanted the item before, but now is unsure of keeping the item. Or they may keep the item but will not shop again. Let’s all send a positive message to every customer.


Noel Merkel of Chessie & Nestor Go Antiquing

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