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Friday was a perfect day for a country auction. It was a cool morning but the sun came out and a crowd gathered before the ten o’clock start. It was field parking on the grass with beautiful views of the valley. It would be a sale of house, contents, vehicles and personal items. The couple are now in retirement housing. They sold 128 acres some years before. The 3 ½ acres had a barn, shed and home. Friends, relatives and the auction crowd gathered. Everything including the home and land would be sold. A day in the 70’s, a country auction and good food draws a crowd. About 145 people attended on a weekday.

The first tables had many outdoor items, tools and items for men. I bought a red and white enamel chamber pot with a logo. This item was on the sale bill and a sure seller in an antique shop with advertising. It was on the Worthpoint site. I needed a laundry hamper and a pink wicker one was perfect. There were some farm primitives too. The crowd bid on items as they were held up by the ring men. I bought a National washboard and a wash machine wringer. They are creative decor in a laundry room. Both items are popular with collectors.

The second group of tables was appealing with lots of neat items. I bid on a large Carnival Glass piggy bank with twenty one pennies inside. I was the winning bidder. Glass pig banks are a favorite with collectors. Then on to aluminum ware for a jug, glasses and an ice bucket. This set keeps beverages cold on a hot day. Aluminum ware always sells at the mall. I also bought a vintage Texas Ware bowl from the 1950s. It is a type of plastic like Melmac and is still good for kitchen use.

The china and glassware was beautiful. Many people collect these items. I bought a box of Edwin Knowles China with a rose pattern, glass frogs for flower arranging and a Fire King restaurant ware gravy boat. Fire King items are prized by collectors. Ladies love china with rose patterns. Some of the auction items that I won will be listed in my shop.

Many collectibles are sold as individual items but others are grouped in box lots. I will often start bids to keep the sale moving along. The couple had lived in Berger and in Hermann so I bid on a box with a bible and vintage church booklets with photos. I recognized many people in the booklets. I decided to keep those items. The bidding was strong at the beginning of the auction and for key items. Later on it slowed down. Most people stayed but new visitors came before lunch. They were interested in rifles and vehicles.

I stayed until the house and land sold. It sold at a fair price after meeting a reserve price and would stay in the family. I thanked the auction staff and family and paid my bill. The retired couple attended the sale. They were very pleased with the crowd and the sale prices. What a lovely sunny day and so mild! Nine days later, the town had seven inches of snow.

Noel Merkel


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