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by biancabb

We’ve already begun our lambing and kidding season. Twelve babies, so far. ‘Uncontrolled Management’ is what it’s called. Really all that means is we didn’t get the big boys out of gen. pop. until just a few weeks ago, and now we’ll have 5 months of birthing instead of 2 months! It’s an amazing time for us, filled with joy and laughter, and sometimes sorrow. Nearly every moment is a photo opportunity.

It is also a study in patience and quiet. Witnessing the births, hushed conversations and new observations for us to record, for future reference. We built a small office/waiting room in the new barn addition, where the warming box and medical supplies sit next to the TV monitor. We’re trying out a surveillance camera in the pens, so as to be able to keep an eye on things, without making the new moms nervous. That’s about as high tech as it gets, for us.

We noticed, early on, that during these longer barn stays, our attitudes change drastically. All of a sudden it’s OK to spend 20 minutes coaxing a sheep or goat to take a soda cracker from us, or to softly sing ‘You are my sunshine’ until the girls are hypnotized, calm, or sleeping. It’s the kind of drastic change that makes laughter spontaneous and tears free to flow without embarrassment. Hubby and I have spoken often of the timeless simplicity of the past that these times remind us of. We’ve talked of how nice it would be if people could mesh that with this high tech multitasking world.

I believe that the peace and serenity of long ago is what drives many to search shops like ours. Yes, we have a nail gun now, and the regular hammers get much less use, but our 100 year old plane has made many appearances when furniture is being restored. There is just something about having antiques scattered throughout the house and workshop; an instant of dejevu, a moment that takes us into the 1 room school or kitchen portrayed in ‘Little House on the Praire’, or an image born of the many stories about Great Grandpa’s farm. These are the glimpses of simplicity that define the yearnings. Consciously or subconsciously, most everyone, at least sometimes, desires a pace that isn’t frantic. A time when one depended on themselves and their own creativity. A time when one had time to feel feelings when they came along, not put them off until it was more convenient. You made what you needed for yourself, helped your neighbor, and shared what you had with those who didn’t have enough.

At this time of year when buying presents is all you hear about, maybe we could take a second look at that, and think it through for 2013. Buying vintage and antique things for gifts makes sense, and is more special, on so many levels.

First of all, you don’t see the vintage items in the flyers and catalogs each week, so you need to think about the person, come up with an idea, then seek out the item. It’s ecologically sound (go green), and that person stands out in your mind and heart for a much longer time frame. You can even make a gift out of an antique item (or use new material and an old pattern), while experiencing the same wonderful process. You may even find that all that stimulation of your creativity actually helps your brain power.

Gifting a glimpse of peace and serenity is a loving thing. For the recipient and the giver. It’s a sweetness that everyone can get involved in, anytime. Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays,…(Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays…), anytime you want, for any reason you can think of.

Most times the vintage and antique gifts can still be used, as well. It’s also a fun, relaxing, and carefree way to spend a Saturday (or any day off you have). On-line shopping for antiques is easy and popular, but don’t forget the treasure hunt in an antique store. Whether that store is big or small, organized or in disarray, smelly or perfumed, it’s an adventure, an idea maker, and a walk through the past; when things seemed so much more simple. Because it’s not usually a last minute thing and takes some special time, you get as much, (even more), out of this whole deal as the person you’re buying for. You will feel something special.

So, kick the idea around some, and see what you come up with. Whether you start small or go big…..2013 Is Just The Right Time To Start!

Written by Elizabeth Allison

The Other Place, ABC Shop on Ruby Lane

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