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by Ruby Lane Social

 Jeanne Adwani – Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, and years of indulgence in the Metaphysical sciences; story telling via the Tarot, and numerology… I bring this astrology column to you for your enjoyment. True to my Sun and my Moon, I am a resourceful recycler, with an eye for the unique and creative.  In this column, consider either your Sun or your Moon sign when reading them. Let me answer your questions, if they rise to the surface of your curiosity.

Mercury is retrograde.  Plans will change, decisions will get confused, and deals and commerce take longer to come to fruition. Your car, your computer, or phone might decide they no longer wish to be your friend.   Attend to what is already in motion and give attention to details.

AQUARIUS – this is your month: 20 JAN – 18 FEB
If it’s a little strange, you have to have it. Odd? That’s all the better.   Unique and other worldly, it’s yours!! You love getting presents for your friends. this is a month for lots of fast-talking, and slick wheeling and dealing. Let your unique way of approaching things be your ally. People are listening and looking for you to make them a deal they can’t refuse. On the 29th, Mercury goes retrograde; let patience be your friend. You feel the grace of wit and clever exchange but it might get misinterpreted, it might backfire on you, so, don’t get too full of your clever self, be sure to slow down and make right decisions until after February 18th.

Go with the flow you little fishes. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right. Trust it or you will be lead around by whatever ‘hooks’ your fancy for the moment, be it a person or a thing.  Collecting for you is a sensitive issue; it goes past the value of it.  Saturn will be looking you in the eyes for a while, inviting you to not let yourself flow all over the place.  Be aware of the container you pour yourself into. Trust your intuition!  Don’t make decisions because someone’s bad luck story pulls on your heart chain.

ARIES: 21 MAR – 19 APR
I hate to typecast you fiery Arians…and well…you like to take charge, win, and be the first in line!  Whether it’s an estate sale, an auction, or flea market, it’s likely you know who’s in charge of these events and you call ahead to make sure you get there before the event starts. You might be the type of collector that seeks out anything that has to do with the military or weaponry. Fancy hat pins any of you?  This is a month where deals go pretty easy for you, if you don’t bully your way through things and consider patience your friend. Be nice.

You are the stubborn, earthy sign that loves to live for luxury and comfort.  Sumptuous texture, rich colors, and leather and wood; even smells have to provoke sensuality (in your perfect world). Maybe it time to consider a collection of rich Spanish furniture or indulge in a collection of exotic tapestry or get to know more about reptilian purses? Those of you born in late April will feel the particular challenge of desire versus practicality; want versus need.What is “it” you ‘must’ have no matter what?

Will you or won’t you? Which twin sits on the shoulder of your life and has the loudest voice…today!!! Is it playful frivolity, or is it the dark inner sister that says, “no fun for you Missy/Mister, make a hard deal of those pretty sparkly Nouveau earrings or walk away.” Your tendency to chat too much may be challenged by your Earthy friends that want you to just make up your mind.  It’s one of those months. Don’t let them pull the wind out of your sails.  Keep breathing.

You want everyone’s home to be comfortable and pretty, safe and secure. It’s hard to believe that everyone does not love those china dishes from the 40’s with the little flowers and gold rim; you felt so deeply about when you found a great deal on them and planning to sell them right away.  Oh, well. Fluffy, delicate, and pretty is not for all of us.nbsp; How about considering vintage gardening tools and trolls? How about gathering old locks and keys? Banks safes?  These could be just the ticket for this year’s collectables.  Those earth signs will be buying!!

LEO:  JUL 23 – AUG 22
“Grrrrrrrr,” to you, too – what big teeth you have to bite into some great possibilities around the full moon in Leo on the 22ND of January.  Go for the big and beautiful, with a twist of the unusual.  How about the one-of-a-kind table from the dining hall of Louis the XV? How did you even find that?  You are fearless, and feeling extra fabulous right now.  Let the opportunistic value of a Capricorn lead you to something exquisite.

VIRGO: 23 AUG – 22 SEP
Tidy and rearrange that booth of yours.  Organize and make pretty your Ruby Lane shop. Put on sale what hasn’t been selling.  This is no little project for you Virgo.  Take your time.  Don’t be pressed by those who think you are too slow, on the ‘get go’.  You have as much time as you need. Buy a little something special for yourself.

LIBRA:  23 SEPT – 22 OCT
Everything is beautiful in it’s own way.  Unique elegance calls to you right now.  It almost feels magical the way you find your treasures these days.  Those of you born later in this sign find the gift of gab especially working for you in your transactions.  Getting the balance right is paying off.  Thank heavens for all those self-help books.

You ever ‘not-so-casual’ Scorpio might feel the restrictions of your earthly body holding you down – that kind of heavy feeling that restricts your flow.  One way to deal with this stuck feeling is to get some research done on a few of those unique artifacts you have been meaning to find out about, or have you considered deep sea treasure hunting – gold doubloons and pieces of eight?  Dive deep my friend.

You might be coming off of a real ‘high’ as this month comes to a close.  The 23rd of January has you looking your passion in the eye, and making some deep decisions on what to do next.  A trip to a distant land may be a great place to go and discover a highly sought after collection of swords or ancient manuscripts.  You need time to contemplate the next place to direct your arrows.

You persistent, relentless Goats, always climbing that pyramid of opportunity, seeking museum quality antiques, not those little collectible things. Though, face it, a good deal is a good deal even if it’s a too cheesy for your liking. Excellence is your by-word.  Sturdy, solid and really old is very appealing to you. Jupiter is in your sign right now, and you feel the challenge to expand beyond your comfort zone.  Did you find an artifact beyond your means and you want it bad???  Stretch a little, get uncomfortable and see what happens.

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