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by Ruby Lane

PB & J sandwiches are an American staple and an institution. All of the accoutrements that go with them are fun to collect, use, and serve with. These fun collectibles really made us think outside the breadbox! (PS…National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day is April 2nd!)

10 retro peabut butter jelly collectibles

1) Ornate Yellow Enamel Gilt Jam Spoon: This delicate little utensil would be equally at home in a pickle castor jar or a jelly jar, serving up the best home made preserves.  Picture it perched delicately on a tray set for high tea.

Ornate Yellow Enamel Gilt Jam Spoon J Tostrup Sterling Silver Norway
Vintage Red Tulips Design Jelly Drinking Glass

2.    Vintage Red Tulips Design Jelly Drinking Glasses by The Antique Chasers: These are beautiful and nostalgic and remind us of a time when we bought our cottage cheese in colorful aluminum containers that doubled as glasses and our jelly in cute tumblers that were great to drink from at the dinner table. Annie’s Avenue Antiques features a Boscul Red Rose Peanut Butter glass that is elegant as well as functional.  The big, red blooming rose on the front would be great at a romantic dinner table.

3.    Vintage 1lb Glass Peanut Butter Jar by Starr Hill Antiques: This old jar is a beautiful example of patterned glass as is, but it is also functional for those who make home made peanut butter or preserves.  Fill it with tiny, battery operated lights to create a fairy lantern to grace a porch or mantle during the warm nights of summer.

Vintage 1lb Jumbo Peanut Butter Jar

4.    Vintage Peanut Butter Tins: These are shaped like pails with a handle.  Brands to look for include Monarch, with its great lion, Shurfine, Derby’s Peter Pan, School Boy, Oz, as in The Wizard, Armour’s Veribest Peanut Butter, and Frontenac. Old peanut butter tins are nostalgic and colorful.  They are great décor items, but also useful for kitchen storage or small items like kids toys, Hot Wheels cars, beads, or even golf balls!

Vintage Peanut Butter Tins

5.    Vintage Condiment Caddy: In the fine tradition of serving condiments in pretty glassware, a condiment caddy is an item you will use year ’round at the dining table. Fill it with your favorites!

Condiment Caddy

6.    General Foods Jelly Cookbook:  For those who are studious, here is a cookbook for concocting jellies called What Makes Jelly “Jell?” (1951).  It includes recipes for Certo, Sure Jell, Canning, Desserts, Ice Cream and more.

1951 'General Foods' What Makes Jelly
Fabulous Antique French Copper Jam Making Skimmer, Strainer

7.    French Copper Jam Making Skimmer: Featured by Dept. 18, those of you who can know what to do!   This is an incredible item for those who love copper and vintage kitchen utensils, too.

8.    Le Louvres Antiques French Confiturier: This delightful piece of furniture dates from the early 1900s and was meant to hold jams, preserves, jellies, and other foods that did not need to be kept cold. It is made of fruitwood and has an elaborate cartouche and other designs carved into the wood. This would be a great addition to any room that needs a small cabinet or nightstand, but think how deliciously romantic it would be in a retro French country kitchen with preserves in antique jars lining the windowpanes, bunches of dried lavender hanging here and there, tins marked “Herbs de Provence”, and Quimper pottery.

Antique French Confiturier

9.    Limoges porcelain jam pots and antique Limoges milk containers lend an elegant air to after school snacks and Saturday lunch at home.  The jam pots might be plain porcelain while the milk container might be china painted and gilt edged.  See the milk container at Ruby Lane’s Only Fine Lines and the jam pots at Il était une fois…en France.

Limoges porcelain jam pots

10.    Exhausted Rooster’s Antique Bread Maker:  The Universal #4 Bread Maker is a metal bucket with a lid, mixer, and clamp, used for bread making.  No discussion of PB & J would be complete without a discussion of bread.  There are bread loaf salt and pepper shakers, bread board shelves, bread baskets of Italian porcelain, vintage tin bread boxes and more available on Ruby Lane.

Antique Universal Bread Maker Dough Mixer
Mr Peanut Mugs

Here is a fun Skippy Peanut Butter Commercial from 1956.

Homemade peanut butter and heart shaped jelly sandwich on wooden background

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