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‌5 Perfectly Vintage Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Ruby Lane‌

1.       Vintage pins that say “mother.” During the 40s, mother of pearl brooches decorated with a gold script that said “Mother” were very popular.   They look great today on a blazer or cardigan.  Some are shaped like crosses or other objects.  Best Kept Secrets of Ruby Lane has a great example. They also have a cross-shaped mother of pearl Mother brooch; attached to it is a gold heart with a red stone in its center. The Vintage Cornucopia has a lovely cameo pin surrounded by Swarovski crystals from The Joan River’s Jewelry collection.  A mother and child are shown in bas relief against the cameo, and the gold enamel metal frame is studded with the crystals.

Vintage 14k Yellow Gold High Polished Mom's 4 Kids Pin
Mother Brooches Gift Ideas Ruby Lane

2.       Chintz porcelain or antique teacups: Mother’s Day teas are all the rage.  What better way to show Mom how much we appreciate her than with a party table set with chintz and antique teacups. It’s fun to use varied patterns, but with a one or two palette color scheme in spring tones.  Then, match linens, plates, and cutlery.  Tiny baskets of paper, straw or even Dixie cups can hold antique milliner’s flowers, or fresh violets and tea roses as favors. Faded Rose Antiques and Maggie Bell’s Memories of Ruby Lane have wonderful selections of Chintz.  Coleman’s Collections and Alley Cat Lane have great tea cup examples.

Tea cup with fresh flower blossoms on table
Mothers Day Gift Ideas

3.       Vintage sewing items like novelty pincushions: Remember how your mom mended things for you, sewed buttons, doll clothes, and helped with school projects?  Commemorate those events with an antique pincushion from Ruby Lane.  Many shop owners on Ruby Lane feature pincushions, including Judy’s Doll Menagerie, Hatton’s Gallery of Dolls, and From Here to Victorian.

Gorgeous Sterling Silver Agate & Cairngorm Shoe-form Pincushion, Birmingham, c1890

4.       Mother and child figurines: They may be sweet, kitschy, or artistic, but mother and child figures evoke the special bond between mothers and their children.  A favorite example is Lita Wilson’s art doll, “Gypsy Mother.”  Lefton, Lladro, and Homco also made lovely examples in all sizes.  Joan and Lynette Antique Dolls feature an antique, German bisque figure of a young doll mother with her baby, while Hummel’s “Doll Mother” is very popular.

Mother and child figurines Ruby Lane Blog

5.       Vintage books of poems:   Beautiful antique books in cloth, leather and paper abound for affordable prices. Many have gilt edges and gorgeous illustrations and are under $30.00. Famous women authors like Frances Ellen Harper and Lucy Larcom wrote about motherhood and children.  So did Harriet Beecher Stowe, who not only wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin but countless other classics.  The Brontes wrote poems, and so did Elizabeth Barrette Browning. Helen Steiner Rice and Flavia produced many gift books and other merchandise during the 70s that extolled women and motherhood. Felicia Hemans was a popular Victorian author, as was Emma Lazarus, who wrote the poem on The Statue of Liberty. Antique and vintage books of poems are unique, and each poem can be enjoyed in a short span of time. Let mom step away from her Kindle or keyboard, settle down with the weight of a good book in her hand, and relax by reading the timeless words of these and other authors. Fay Wray Antiques, Timeless TokensDE, and Aardvark Antiques and Interiors have great examples of antique/vintage books and books of poems.

Pink roses and old books on wooden desk

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