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One of the hottest trends in collectibles these days are movie posters. Whether you are an avid film buff or simply love the art form, movie posters are an attractive way to add an instant pop of color a drab wall (not to mention it’s often cheaper than a painting).  Movie posters have been around as long as the films themselves (the start of the 19th century!) and were often designed by graphic artists and illustrators such as Saul Bass, Robert McGinnis and Richard Amsel. Used primarily for promotional purposes, collectors can find items in the form of half sheets, one sheets, lobby cards and stills as well as the standard 27″ x 40″ poster.

In terms of investment, posters from Disney, Star Wars, early James Bond films and the work of popular directors such as Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorcese are valuable.  “Original film posters” (meaning a limited quantity were produced) are also highly prized collectibles. And you can purchase a film poster for as little as $25.000 or upwards to $650,000  at auction (as was the case of the  2005 sale of the 1927 film poster Metropolis).

If you decide to display your favorite posters, think in terms of grouping with the same frames – the more minimal the better as the artwork speaks for itself. I personally love designs from films of the 40s-60s as they are more colorful and often list the credits. Large French film sheets measure 47″ x 63″ and can make a dramatic statement when used alone. And if you have a home theater room, need i say more?






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And from the shops of Ruby Lane…


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