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1. Shoes: A great example is a vintage pair of burgundy flats with bows by Talbots, offered by  Timeless Traveling Vintage.  Clip on shoe bows from the 70s are terrific on any pair of ballet flats.  Vintage knee highs and tights in wild prints, including unicorns and pre-Raphaelite women, look great with the flats.  Vintage sandals by Naturalizer and S.A.S. look nifty with vintage 70s toe socks in bright colors. Vintage wedge and platform shoes from Greece and Italy are stylish and comfortable.  Boots by Wild Pair and other companies enjoyed a Renaissance and look great with anything, even contemporary outfits.

Talbots Slip On Shoes
Vintage 1970s Shoes . Cork . Wedges . Gold and White . Made in Itally . Open Toe
1970s Acme ~ Rockabilly Daisy Suede Leather Stacked Heel Western Boots

2. Silk scarves and polyester satin printed novelty scarves:  Look for souvenir motifs, or bold silk designs by Bill Blass, Vera Neumann, Hermes, and others. Great chiffon examples in pastels are perfect to tie with ponytails or to wear with sweater sets.  Look for unusual designs including the Zodiac, white rabbits, and Victorian illustrations.

Silk Scarves Spotlight on Vintage

3. Maxi dresses and novelty print dresses:  Look for shirt waist dresses printed with Renaissance and Dutch Master paintings, antique dolls, ivory lace shirtwaist dresses, floral prints, denim, and patchwork.  Long, floral printed polyester dresses with ruffles and Gunne Sax empire waist dresses of calico and lace are great finds, too.  Patchwork skirts, sequined Mary McFadden designs and empire waist dresses in polyester pastel with white collars are good choices, too.  Look for Pucci designs, Peter Maxx prints, and Mary Quant designs.

Sally Milgrim 1970s Gauze Floral Maxi Dress w / Bolero Jacket
MAXI Dresses
‌5 Accessories to Complete the Vintage 1970s Look‌

4. Fringed suede vests:  The best examples are decorated with small, silver-toned concho belts.  These still look terrific with jeans and denim shirts.  If you have a vintage pair of Frye boots, you’re good to go! Fringed leather jackets from the 70s also weather well and look great with any look.

Vests Ruby Lane Spotlight on Vintage Fashion

5. Holykin magazine clutch bags and purses:  These great clutch purses were decorated with magazine covers from Vogue and other fashion magazines. They are a fashion Holy Grail for many purse and handbag enthusiasts.  Embossed leather handbags from Mexico complete that BOHO look like nothing else, and satin coin purses, evening bags, and wallets printed with Renoir and Degas paintings are timeless.  Whiting Davis mesh handbags and jewelry help compliment the look of the times.


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