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Fur Clips (and their cousins dress clips) first came on to the jewelry scene in the 1920s. A fur clip is a piece of jewelry which has two long prongs on a spring steel. This allows the decorative clip to be worn on a heavy fabric or fur coat. Dress clips, by comparison, often have a single metal clip, since they are meant to be worn on a lighter fabric.

Fur clips were a huge fashion trend in the roaring twenties when glamor, glitz and furs were in abundance on the fashion scene.

These decorative fur Clips were often enhanced with rhinestones and other stones, and sometimes had repousse back hammered designs. They had a back mechanism which consisted of two long sharp prongs which are attached to a spring on the back of the clip. They were made this way so that they could pierce fur without doing much damage to the fur pelt.

Many designers made fur clips and their Design marks were found in several places – on the inside of the spring clip, on top of the clip length, or on the piece itself. Sometimes they would be marked in several places.

Some notable designers of fur clips include Hobe’, Boucher, Eisenberg, and Corocraft, among others. Trifari and Coro had their own style which was a double clip called a Clip mate or duette.

If you search online in vintage ads, you may find the terms dress clip and fur clip used interchangeably, but this is incorrect. The two mechanisms are very different and for an item to be called a fur clip, it needs the two long prongs meant for piercing fur pelts.

Furs are not as commonly worn today but there are other ways to wear fur clips if you have a creative mind. Try these ideas:

* Clip it onto a belt for an instant trend setter

* Wear it as a barrette in your hair, or attach it to a hat for a
great accent

* Clip a fur clip onto a jacket lapel for a brooch like look.

* Use it on a thick woolen scarf for a great scarf clasp

* For a casual look, attach one to the pocket of your jeans.

Here is an example of the back of a fur clip to show the prongs.

Do you own any fur clips? Do you like them or prefer a dress clip design?

 Carol Speake

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