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 CHARM: ~the quality of giving delight ~a small ornament displayed on a bracelet (or necklace)

The definition of charm holds true to something that brings JOY! Throughout the years, one of the more popular jewelry gifts for a girl has been the charm bracelet. Timeless keepsakes, the charm bracelet spells out her history, the charms with special meaning and importance to the owner. These bracelets are full of sentimentality and love, collectibles to be cherished.



Charm bracelets many times are started as a teen and added to over the years for a birthday, Christmas or to commemorate a special occasion, key event or a milestone. The charms display interest such as sports, hobbies, and souvenirs of travel, pets. Some collectors create theme bracelets such as animal lover, the traveler, faith, wedding, and my own personal favorite, the love motif. It is fun to find charms appropriate to the interest of the girl or collector to adorn her bracelet! Collectors are always easy to purchase gifts for!




I became hooked on sterling hearts many years ago when I discovered a charm bracelet with a repousse sterling heart padlock. The exquisite heart charm captured my heart and started my collection of puffy heart charms and a mixture of other heart trinkets. My bracelet is pretty much maxed out with beautiful tinkling hearts; however, when I find a charm that is just too wonderful to let go, I manage to squeeze one more charm onto the bracelet! I, myself, had a Monet charm bracelet when I was a teen; the charms rather large and chunky and I still love to reminisce over the cute bracelet. It is always exciting to find older charms while treasure hunting and difficult to resist the lure of these fabulous keepsakes of the past!



Victorian era sterling puffy hearts remain highly desirable charms as are the puffy sterling hearts of the 1940’s era. Other collectible charms are the mechanical charms of the 1940’s. These charms were delightful mementos given to sweethearts back home when the men stationed away during the war, it was a very emotional era. Once, I was fortunate to find a fabulous 1940 era bracelet filled with darling mechanical charms; a candy box with chocolates, newspaper box, hat box with miniature hat, each charm sweeter than the next. Imagine a lady’s thrill to receive one of these tokens of love from her sweetheart back in the day!

The current popular trend has been Pandora charm bracelets and while the charms are very pretty, I still prefer the good old-fashioned charm bracelet of yesteryear! I think passionate charm collectors would wholeheartedly agree!

The Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to spread joy to a special girl, either young or adult with her very own charm bracelets with a unique charm or two. You can personalize the purchase to suit the style of the recipient! The shops on Ruby Lane are filled with a plethora of charms to select just the right memento for the girl on your holiday list!

Karen Soldwisch

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