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“Baubles, bangles, hear how they jing, jinga-linga: Bracelets on a Breezy, Hot, Summer’s Day!”

That great old Sinatra song says it all!  What a great look for sleeveless Jackie Kennedy style sheath dresses, halter tops, peasant blouses, and all those great summer looks that require bare arms and manicured nails!  If you are wondering about how many bracelets it takes to complete a look, think of fashionista Iris Apfel’s response, as many as fit the length of your arm.

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1.    Baubles, Gems, and Beads:  Lovely pearl bracelets for June birthdays give way to fabulous rubies for July.  Multicolored precious and semi-precious stones set in gold and silver sparkle as tennis bracelets or cocktail jewels.  Even a few crystals or handmade beads strung on elastic or wire mix well with each other and other bracelets.

Woman wearing a colorful bracelet while hanging outside
DeMario Beaded Bracelet with Art Glass 1940's Sweet Peach Boro Lampwork Beaded Artisan Bracelet Mermaid Artisan Beaded Charm Bracelet

2.    Silver and Gold Bangles:  To paraphrase the Eagles’ hit, “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” you’ll like the way silver and gold bangles contrast with your tanned, summer arms.  Ruby Lane has a fantastic assortment of beautiful silver and garnet bangles dated from the 1800’s that would enhance any outfit today.  Pair them with a garnet ring, necklace, and earrings for a dazzling look. Everything old is new again, and a stunning rose gold Victorian bracelet is just as hot today as it was brand new.

Everything old is new again, and a stunning rose gold Victorian bracelet is just as hot today as it was brand new. Ruby Lane Blog

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3.    Other Bangles.  Great bangle bracelets come in all colors and are created from Bakelite, plastic, resins, wood, brass, jade and much more.  Pairing coordinating bangles with those great vintage print dresses of the 60s and 70s creates a signature look that you can vary all year.

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4.    Native American Silver and other Silver:  Emily’s Attic features a great example of a slim cuff bracelet inlaid with turquoise and coral.  This example comes from Mexico and would look awesome with any summer outfit.  Twisted wire bangles in sterling were our favorite souvenirs when we were traveling the Southwest during family vacations.

Native American Bracelets on Ruby Lane

5.    Charm Bracelets:  Charm bracelets are wonderful mementos of special events and trips, appeal to miniaturists and doll collectors, and tell wonderful stories. Vintage plastic and celluloid charms also are fun collectibles.  Ruby Lane is jingling with individual charms and bracelets in silver, gold, shells, beads, and all kinds of things.

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The tip to wearing bracelets is to mix different kinds.  Charm bracelets look great interspersed with a slim bangle or two, and chain bracelets layer well with beaded bracelets or bangles. Lucite bracelets also star all by themselves.  Cuff bracelets, even of tooled leather or silver, look cute followed by a slim beaded wristlet or bangle.  You can also cover Lucite or wooden bracelet forms with swatches from your favorite summer dresses and blouses to create a signature coordinated look.

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