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My Vintage Garden

We collect jewelry for many reasons: it matches a special dress, we love the color, theme or the designer, but sometimes a piece of jewelry can mean much more. Our dearest treasures are those that remind us someone we love- a mother, daughter, husband or friend.

This is a story of a little girl and her favorite tree, a giant pine tree, which she thinks of a special friend. This tree is the only one in her small yard – a home for birds, a place to play. She likes to collect pinecones and laugh at the squirrels chasing each other through the branches. On rainy days, the girl and her mother watch the tree through the window- through wind and storms, the tree remains strong. It’s much taller than the little girl, even taller than her house. The pine tree is older than her mom or dad – we’d like to think it will live forever.

The trouble began when the neighbor’s son moved in. Not a nature-lover, he felt the tree was in the way. Some of the branches extended onto his property and dropped needles on his driveway, just in the area where he wanted to park his car. He declared the tree a nuisance and demanded it be cut down.

One Saturday, the girl’s family awoke to the sound of a chain saw, and with horror, they realized the neighbor’s son was lopping off the branches on “his side” of the tree. Many pleas, negotiations and phone calls ensued, lawyers were involved, but the fate of the tree has not yet been decided.

Meanwhile, the little girl’s mother found a special silver charm in my shop – one that looks very much like the tree. While we continue to hope and pray that the tree can be saved, at least the girl will have the little silver tree.

As much as the little girl loves the tree, the squirrels and pinecones, we know that the little charm will always be a reminder of her mother, who loves her and stands with her through the winds and storms of life.


About me: I have had the Ruby Lane shop “SuzansTreasures” for over 10 years. I have been involved with antiques and collectible business all my life, as my mother, grandparents and great-grandmother all had antique shops. I also have a life-long love of gardening. I am a member of several gardening societies and am a qualified flower show judge.

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