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I first became interested in Sarah Coventry jewelry near the beginning of my internet sales career.  I found a few pieces at a garage sale and they were very pretty and very inexpensive, so I purchased them.  When I arrived home at the end of my buying day, I began trying to research Sarah Coventry.  

A year later, I went to an estate sale of a former Fashion Show Director.  I still didn’t know much about Sarah Coventry jewelry, but when I got to that estate sale, the jewelry was literally flying off the walls!  I was able to obtain a nice size box of it, but I didn’t get many matching pieces.

I had a tiny nugget in the back of my mind pertaining to an exchange between my mother and father. When I was 6 or 7 I remember her saying, "Oh gawd another Sarah Coventry party to go to." And my father answering, "Barbara, just don’t go. It’s as simple as that. You just went to one 2 weeks ago."  And mother says, "I have to go.  Mary Jane is hosting it and she has been to 2 of my home parties in the last year so there is no way I can just not go.  Besides Bill, it really is nice jewelry at a very nice price and you should be happy that I spend less than $10 at each party."  And that is what had formed my notion about Sarah Coventry jewelry.

I have spent many days trying to find information about Sarah Coventry jewelry.  And every bit that I found was conflicting.  The only thing that was the same in each source was that it was Home Party Jewelry.  It was nice jewelry-meaning good quality and good selection.  And that it had been in business for many, many years.  I truly love the research process, but I tend to get frustrated when I can’t find Anything, or what I find seems like something that was information gleaned from one person talking to another person about someone else’s information! 

So I embarked on an information seeking endeavor.  Years later, nearly 11 to be exact, I was not much farther along than when I had begun.  Who knew getting information about home party jewelry could be so frustrating and take so long.  I had found a couple of sites that had loads of Sarah Coventry jewelry, but not every piece and not hardly enough information about any of them.  Dates conflicted, names of pieces conflicted, even where it was sold (in the U.S., Canada, or Internationally).  There was so much Mis-Information I felt I couldn’t trust any of it.

Then one day in late November of 2012, I found a necklace for sale online that I didn’t have.  In reading the write up about the piece, I discovered that the person I was buying the necklace from talked about a book that she had written.  A book that she had been researching for years!  A book about Sarah Coventry jewelry.  I already had ALL the books about Sarah Coventry jewelry.  And 70% of the information was incorrect, inaccurate, mispriced, or at least seemed so to me.  There weren’t names, there weren’t dates, there wasn’t enough information that could be relied upon.  But I emailed this seller and asked her some questions.  And she answered me-with lengthy information!   Her book, "Identifying Sarah Coventry Jewelry 1949-2009", was very soon to be published.   She told me that she had gotten her information from a son within the Stuart family using the original Cardex files and catalogs.  C.H. Stuart founded Sarah Coventry and Emmons Jewelry Co. so I felt like God was smiling down upon me for never giving up in my quest for more information about the beautiful Sarah Coventry jewelry.

I immediately went to Amazon and pre-ordered the book.  It was not supposed to be released until January 2013.  I emailed Sandra Sturdivant (who co-wrote the book with Shirley Crabtree) and told her I had pre-ordered it and was waiting patiently for it to arrive.  Sandra then told me that Schiffer had told her they would try to get it released just after Christmas.   I received my copy on December 27th.   I have not put it down for more than 20 hours since the day I got it.  It is 99.8% complete, has loads of photos, and more information than all the "other" books put together and then some. 

If you love Sarah Coventry jewely and you really would like to know just a little bit of history about your pieces then I would say, hands down, that this is the best book on Sarah Coventry out there.   No, Sandra has Not paid me to promote her book.  I’m just happy that she put in all those hours and hours and hours doing the research to provide for those of us who were hungry for more-more-more about Sarah Coventry!

Kathryn Atkins
GoGo Vintage on Ruby Lane

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  1. Rebecca

    Kathryn, I have several pieces of Sarah Coventry from my late aunt’s estate. One brooch and earring set I have not been able to find on any web site. Do you have ideas of how I could identify this jewelry? Whatever help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • courtney

      Hello Rebecca! Unfortunately GoGo Vintage is no longer a shop on Ruby Lane. But we suggest that you search Ruby Lane for other shops selling Sarah Coventry pieces who may be able to help you with your questions/identification. You can email the individual shop owners through their shop page by clicking ‘Email Shop’ on their home page. Good luck!

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