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Do you ever get the feeling that you have a “sixth sense” or maybe have really fine-honed intuition about certain things? I’m not talking about vintage items “speaking” to you; I think we’ve all had that happen, and my home is just full of chatty items. I mean, do you ever pick up on “vibes” given off by an item? This is a topic I’ll bet gets discussed a lot; I have never seen any of the “Haunted Antiques”-type television shows; He-Who-Controls-The-Remote doesn’t deign those shows watch-worthy. I understand the premise; bad vibes coming from vintage or antique items, in a nutshell. I’d never really thought much about it, other than trying to smudge my home occasionally; I do believe that it is possible for strong feelings and emotions to attach themselves to personal items. So, just in case, I’ll smudge every so often, because of bringing so much of Other-People’s-Stuff into my home.

But recently, I acquired a piece at a sale that I just don’t care much for. It’s nice enough, well-made and all that. It just has a heaviness about it; a foreboding, even. I wear my vintage jewelry often; I just can’t wear this piece. It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t think it’s “just me”; I’ve put it on, got that weird feeling and then switched to another piece; it’s like night and day.

I’ve never gotten such a strong feeling from anything before, except for a stuffed Santa doll that I was never so glad to see something go to a new home; it was Creep Factor 5 on a ‘1 being not creepy and 10 making your skin crawl’ scale. He turned up in the oddest places. I suspect my kids had picked up on me being creeped-out by it and managed to move him around when I was otherwise occupied. At any rate, he’s gone to a good home a couple of years past and I cannot say I miss him.

I’m hoping that this jewelry item goes off to a new home soon. I can’t help thinking the piece picked me, though. The sale was a crowded one; it was the second day of a three-day sale and I know at least one of my major competitors had been there the day before and had left this piece unbought. We’ll see; maybe I am just the right vessel to bring the item and its desired owner together.

Karla Baugh
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