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Oh, how I love beautiful rhinestone jewelry. My love and appreciation for rhinestone jewelry began very early in life. As a child I had, I would say, a natural healthy curiosity about all things I just couldn’t make sense out of. One of these things was the shower in my parent’s bathroom. What was so curious about a shower you ask? Well, for some reason that perfectly working shower was never used and all bathing/showers occurred in another bathroom in our house. I asked my mother why their shower was never used and was told she didn’t want spots on the shower door. Hmmmmm….think Melinda, think. I am sure I can make some sense out of that answer if I try really hard. Nope. This just does not compute. So I did what any child, with a natural healthy curiosity would do. I set out to investigate.


Considering my parents’ bedroom and bathroom were “Off Limits” I knew this investigation would be highly risky but absolutely necessary. And so I waited for the perfect moment to sneak into that bathroom and really find out what was up with that “un-shower”. Friday evening finally came. It was lawn mowing day at our house. This involved my dad mowing the lawn and my mom sweeping and trimming our landscaping. We didn’t just have a lawn…we had “Di-chon-dra” which apparently required lots of special care. Perfect. Thank you, Dichondra, for keeping both of my parents occupied outside long enough for my sleuthing.


OK….I am in! Now on to the bathroom. There it is. Looks fairly normal from the outside. Now let’s have a little looky-poo inside. If I were a script writer this is where it would say something like ” Melinda opens door quickly and then freezes. Eyes wide open. Looking astonished.” And that was an understatement because what I found when I opened the shower door was a HUGE (at least it was to this eight year old) jewelry box. Oh man, oh man. This is better than I could have ever imagined. And then I opened the box.


That was it, folks. That was the absolute moment in time when I become a rhinestone jewelry lover. When I opened the box every single drawer I opened was just dripping in rhinestone jewelry in every color in the rainbow. I had never seen anything so gorgeous. As a matter of fact, I had never seen any of this before. My mother has all this fabulous jewelry but doesn’t wear it? She doesn’t wear it and she keeps it in the shower? Think Melinda… think. And then it dawned on me. There was only one explanation. My dad was a pirate.


Although my father was very gainfully employed as a Service Planner for Southern California Edison, this was only his day job. Sometimes during storms he would have to leave for work at night because of something to do with transformers…or so he said. I knew then that that was just a ruse. He was a pirate. And as any eight year old daughter of a pirate would do she boasted to her classmates of her D.O.P (daughter of pirate) status and the treasure chest of jewels in her parents’ shower. A select few schoolmates were invited home with me and willingly paid the admission price I charged to view the jewels.


And so years later when it came time to sell the family home, I found myself seated on the floor of my parents’ room smiling and staring quietly at that very same white Lady Buxton jewelry box (which didn’t look nearly so big!) that started it all…for this pirate’s daughter.


By Melinda McDaniel

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