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Some shops have hundreds, if not thousands, of items for sale. It can be daunting to look at all of them page by page. The following tip will show you how to maximize your viewing pleasure and speed up the viewing experience.

At any shop’s home page you will see 12 thumbnail photos with one larger one that is part of an ever-changing display. The larger photo rotates out with the other 11 items shown on that home page (did you know that the enlarged photo from this rotating display is shown highlighted in the thumbnail with a blue box around it?).

While on the shop’s home page, scroll down to the area just below the photos. Click on “View All Shop’s Items” (or you can select it from the top of the left margin). Once you are at the “View All Items” selection, scroll to the bottom of the page and observe the area that says, “Items per page” and the icons immediately to the right of that. Those icons represent a “list” format and a “gallery” format. Select 200 items per page and the gallery icon.

This will result in up to 200 thumbnail photos being displayed per page (along with their prices). Now you can quickly scan all the items in a shop in just seconds and by clicking on any thumbnail you will quickly see all of the item’s detailed description and up to 9 photos per listing. For example, it reduces my 897 item inventory from 30 pages of information to just 5!!

Of course you can select any one of the other options, but now that you are aware you can, choose the one that you are most comfortable with. I find the 200 items/page the most efficient one to scan the most amount of information in the least amount of time. I also prefer the gallery view because when I search a site I will know immediately from just the one photo if I wish to know more so I do not have to be distracted by the verbiage until I am ready to know more.

If you have the time, please comment if you found this tip useful to you. I have considered adding this write-up to each and every listing in order to inform my viewers, but I fear it will distract too much from the item I am trying to sell. I still might do it based on your responses.

Barbara Jokel
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