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by Ruby Lane

We’ve seen some of the most magnificent collections and entire doll museums belonging to men. Doll collecting is universal – and isn’t defined by age, race, gender, etc. It’s one of the reasons it’s so wonderful. Men collect all kinds of dolls, including action figures, G.I. Joe dolls, toy soldiers, historical figures, and more. Andy Warhol immortalized Barbie as art.  Lewis Sorensen, R. John Wright, Mel Odom, and Robert Tonner are among the distinguished male doll artists around.  Jumeau, Bru, Kestner, Marseilles, and many other men manufactured and sold dolls. These gentlemen and many more have made, collected, sold, and written about dolls of all kinds. Japan’s Boys Day Festival involves dolls, too. Happy Father’s Day!

1.    Schoenhut boy dolls, circus figures, and male mannikins. 19-inch Manikin Boy dolls are fully articulated and are often dressed as sports figures.  Schoenhut did a Teddy Roosevelt portrait doll, Max & Moritz, and other male figures for its circus, as well as many roly-poly figures, boy dolls, and other toys.

Antique Early 1900's Schoenhut Roly Poly Clown c.1912 14" Harry Schoenhut Mold # 14/107 Child Antique Wooden Doll Vintage Schoenhut Felix The Cat Schoenhut Indoor Golf – Sissie Lofter Game Antique Swiss Bucherer Jointed Metal Black and White Boxer Character Dolls ca1915

2.    Bucherer metal figures. SABA, A. Bucherer & Cie of Amriswil, Switzerland, was famous for character dolls with metal, articulate bodies.  There were over 160 characters including men in ethnic European costumes, Max & Moritz, Mutt & Jeff, Hans, Fritz, and Charlie Chaplin.

Bucherer Fireman Doll Switzerland All Original Bucherer Jimmy Dugan Doll Switzerland from Reg'lar Fellers by Gene Byrnes Bucherer Sailor Doll Switzerland all original Action Jackson in Original Package via The Mego Museum

3.    Action Jackson. Made by Mego during the 70s, he was created to give G.I. Joe a run for his money.  Joe won the war, but Jackson won a few battle and was the inspiration for a variety of successful action figure lines created by Mego.

4.    Freundlich soldiers:  This firm made dolls between 1929-45, with their most famous doll being a portrait of General Douglas MacArthur.  One could say old soldiers never die; they become immortal through dolls.  Other “boys” by Freundlich include soldiers The Big Bad Wolf, Puss in Boots, and Dummy Dan, a ventriloquist doll.

Vintage Composition Ralph A. Freundlich General MacArthur Circa 1942 1920's Steiff Bear

5.    Steiff and Other Plush Bears:  Steiff bears and plush, a well as it’s male dolls and Hedgehog dolls, are the favorite collectibles of many men and boys.  Witness Mr. Bear of Dare Wright’s The Lonely Doll Books.  Men and bears go together, Radar from MASH had one, and in real life, actor Larry Linville from MASH who played Maj. Frank Burns was a teddy bear artist.  Actor Peter Bull was also an authority on bears and a major collector.

Schuco Yes/No Bear Steiff's Very Large Prewar Chocolate Brown Mohair Teddy Bear With ID Antique Black Tipped Mohair Teddy Bear with Shoe Button Eyes

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