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Ruby Lane Dolls What To Buy A Doll Collector

That’s right, everyone – the Holidays are here, and Christmas will be here before we know it. Doll Collectors Unite! Here are some ideas for gifts for doll collectors everywhere.

1. A subscription to a doll magazine: We collectors are forever studying about our treasures.  There are excellent publications for doll making, collecting, antique dolls, or modern dolls.  Barbie has several publications devoted to her.  Some fun ideas: American Girl, Doll Castle News, Antique Doll Collector, Antique Week, Australian Dolls and Bears, and The Art Doll Quarterly. Scour online sites and antique stores for Hobbies, National Doll World, Doll Talk, Bernice’s Bambini, and International Doll World. You can also find fantastic older editions on the Dolls Lane.

2. Doll stands and other supplies:  One can never have too many doll stands.  Stands for tiny dolls, around 3 inches, for example, are very hard to find and useful.  Cleaning supplies for doll clothes, small irons for ironing tiny pleats, patterns for doll clothes and books on doll repair are other great ideas.

Vintage 1984 Doll and Teddy Bear Pattern Books and Byron Doll Jueau 14 Doll Pattern

3. Doll clothes, shoes, and accessories:  Building a doll’s wardrobe is half the fun of collecting. Antique clothes for French fashion ladies and Bebes make a collection in themselves, as do the fantastic accessories that go with them. Patsy, Barbie, Ginny, Pam, Ginger, Tammy, and so many others have excellent wardrobes as well as homemade outfits that are fun to collect.

Magnificent Antique Oval Bonnet for large Bebe or Character Doll

Many collectors specialize in doll shoes, especially those marked Bru, or with other French makers’ marks.  Parasols, hats, and baby bonnets are also popular.

Bru Shoes Ideas For A Doll Collector

Vintage baby clothes and christening dresses look great on old dolls, and the lace and needlework on them preserve a heritage not lost with many today, but for the dolls that display the old styles.

4.  Doll Parts:  Many artists like to use them, but doll heads are fun for those who appreciate Toby jugs, busts, and lady head vases. Even Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of A Little Princess and other classics, collected dolls, and kept a few spare doll heads around for repairs. Old kid and composition bodies are always in demand, and china and bisque limbs are great for simple repairs.

Antique 22
Miniature dishes for dolls on Ruby Lane
Vintage Miniature Dollhouse Dishes - Painted Pottery

5. Dollhouse furniture or doll furniture and dishes: Dolls displayed with their own furniture and dishes provide delightful displays and vignettes for collectors.  No matter what scale or era you collect, doll furniture, dishes, and miniature foods enhance them.

What To Give A Doll Collector For The Holidays

Of course, we all give homes to our favorite dolls and a few wayward dolls this time of year.  What’s in your stocking?

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