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Shirley Temple was born in Santa Monica on April 23, 1928. Her abundant talents as a singer, dancer, and actress made her a quick success in Hollywood. Once named “Little Miss Miracle” by President Franklin D. Roosevelt for her ability to bring joy to the lives of millions, her films have been said to uplift the spirits of a nation in the midst of the Great Depression. With her quintessential charm and incredible talent, she led a film career that spanned nearly two decades and placed her forever in the hearts of America. She continued to lead an extraordinary life as an artist, businesswoman, and diplomat. The Santa Monica History Museum displays a small collection of Shirley Temple related artifacts, photographs and documents as a part of its year-round permanent exhibit in tribute to this Santa Monica native. Generous sponsorship by helps support this exhibit and the preservation of the collections of the Santa Monica History Museum.

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Ruby Lane has always worked with buyers, sellers, collectors and museums to preserve the history of dolls and doll related items. Ruby Lane regularly supports educational programs, provides support to doll associations and clubs, and creates instructional videos on how to preserve dolls and doll related items.

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Recently, the Santa Monica History Museum featured a larger exhibit on Shirley Temple. The exhibit featured original movie costumes and posters, dolls, personal clothing, photos, correspondence, memorabilia, and much more! Visitors were able to relive her incredible life in entertainment, diplomacy, and beyond, with one of a kind treasures and iconic costumes, including her red polka-dot dress from the 1934 film, Stand Up and Cheer! Artifacts displayed also included an antique carousel horse hand-restored by Shirley, her licensed clothing line, and 1945 wedding dress. Her personal correspondence with President and First Lady Roosevelt, photos of her childhood home, and original birth certificate from Santa Monica Hospital were also on view.

Founded under the Historical Activities Committee of the Santa Monica Centennial Celebration in 1975, the Santa Monica History Museum is a “Santa Monica Treasure.” Originally known as the Santa Monica Historical Society, they were the official collector and preserver of the history, art, and culture of the Santa Monica Bay Area. The museum’s historical collections are comprised of over one million items including the personal historical collection of Senator John P. Jones, co-founder of Santa Monica; the archives of the Santa Monica Outlook Newspaper (1875-1998); the photo collections of well-known photographers Bill Beebe, Bob Smith, George Tate, Justine Hill, and author Fred Basten; and much, much more. The museum has six galleries and a research library located in a state-of-the-art facility adjacent to the main Santa Monica Public Library campus.

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Ruby Lane is pleased to be a sponsor of the Shirley Temple permanent exhibit at the Santa Monica History Museum. The Ruby Lane team of doll experts, and the site’s leadership, will continue to work with museums, collectors, and dolls associations to help preserve the history and glamour of dolls.

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