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Pinafored Poupees: Aprons on Dolls

Vintage aprons for life-sized “dolls” have been popular collectibles for several years, but dolls, too, are big fans of apron-style.  Here are the top five “pinafored poupees:”

1. Raggedy Ann:  Ann’s combination apron-pinafore made of snowy white material is iconic.  Aprons like hers that covered a little girl’s dress were de rigueur fashion pieces when Raggedy Ann sprang to life from the pen of Johnny Gruelle. No self-respecting Raggedy Ann would be caught without one.

Shop Raggedy Ann Dolls on Ruby Lane

Shop Raggedy Ann on Ruby Lane

2. Bruckner Topsy Turvy Antique Cloth Dolls:  These dolls in near mint condition sport white, filmy aprons similar to Raggedy Ann’s.  They appear carefully starched and squeaky clean on both the white doll and the black doll that make up the topsy turvy combination.

Cloth, Bruckner Topsy -Turvy Doll Bruckner Topsy-Turvy Antique Cloth Doll 11.5" in Original Red Check Costume Circa 1907 Antique Cloth Bruckner Topsy Turvy Black White Rag Doll Bruckner Rag Doll Topsy Turvy

Shop Topsy Turvy Dolls on Ruby Lane

3. Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls:  Several of these diminutive all bisque dolls wear aprons as part of their outfits, including “Merry Little Maid.”  Her apron ties at the waist and is made of delicate eyelet lace.  She wears it with a pink print dress with blue trim and a felt hat.  Her mohair wig is blonde.

Shop Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls on Ruby Lane

Shop Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls on Ruby Lane

21 Santa Simon & Halbig 1250 Bisque Antique Doll in Maid Costume

4. Simon & Halbig Santa:  a 21-inch example on the left wears a darling blue gingham dress and a white pinafore.  She also has a white mobcap set atop her auburn curls.  Many antique dolls, especially bisque and china heads, wear aprons with their outfits.  French fashion dolls’ wardrobes often included a frilly apron or two.  Greiner dolls and antique cloth dolls wear simpler, everyday homespun aprons.

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5. International Costume Dolls:  Aprons are often important accessories to traditional folk costumes worn around the world.  Dolls from Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland,  Hungary, The Slovak Republic, Wales, Ireland, and England often wear aprons.  Lovely French dolls, some bisque S.F.B.J. examples, wear costumes from Brittany complete with aprons.   This category includes petite German bisque doll house maids and German Erna Myer doll house maids.  A Roman Italian Peddler doll has an apron, as do antique English Peddler dolls, complete with wares ready to sell pinned to their aprons and cloaks.

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Shop International Dolls on Ruby Lane