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Two great books on brides and dolls are The Marriage of Diamonds and Dolls, by Mary E. Lewis and Dorothy Dignam, and Foreign Brides from Antiquity by the Haines. Great vintage bride dolls certainly deserve their own book; they are fun to collect, beautiful, and inspiring.  Some brides who collect dolls even use their treasures to decorate tables at their wedding reception.  Below are 5 of the greatest antique and vintage brides ever made and collected:

Bride dolls on Ruby Lane

1.    Kewpie Huggers and Cake Toppers in general:  Admittedly, there are those little girls who dream of getting married just because they lust after the variety of vintage cake toppers and wedding dolls available. Kewpie Huggers are classics, and their sweet, mischievous faces and cute wedding outfits make you want to throw rice!

Kewpie Bride and Groom Ruby Lane

28″ Antique Bru Smiler French Fashion Doll in Original Bride Gown

2.    French Fashion Bride and Groom Dolls! Antique French dolls in wedding clothes come in many sizes and are very popular. Many gorgeous Victorian bride dolls wear white, in honor, perhaps of Queen Victoria, who is credited with making white wedding dresses fashionable, and who also loved dolls.

French Bride dolls on Ruby Lane

3.    Schoenhut’s Wedding Party: This set is truly a wedding set dreams are made of! Not much is known about this set that resides in a private collection. Just looking at it makes a doll collector’s heart go pitter pat!



4.    Hard Plastic Fifties Bride dolls. The late 50s and 60s brought us many gorgeous brides; some were “supermarket” dolls with high heels and tiny engagement rings, others were hard plastic beauties likes this one dressed in satin and lace.  Also, we have to mention the stunning Madame Alexander Portrait Victorian bride doll as one of our favorites of all time.

Photo via Theriault's

Photo via Theriault’s

Hard Plastic Bride Dolls Ruby Lane

5.    Barbie Brides:  Barbie has had so many wedding gowns, and wedding sets that it is possible to build an entire collection around them.  Mattel goes all out for its brides, especially in the first My Size Barbies that appeared in the early 90s. Barbie wedding sets and wedding party costumes make a mini doll wardrobe in themselves. Early ponytail Barbies seem to have the prettiest filmy lace dresses, but the 1970’s “Winter Wedding” in white brocade, trimmed in faux fur was unusual and trendsetting.

Vintage Complete Barbie Ken Skipper Midge Wedding Party Gift Set

Vintage Complete Barbie Ken Skipper Midge Wedding Party Gift Set

There is no end to unusual bride dolls.  Tiny Frozen Charlottes and penny dolls wear wedding dresses fashioned from scraps of lace, and practically every major doll manufacturer in the world has created bride dolls. International brides are intriguing, especially Door of Hope brides and brides of India and Japan.

Door of Hope Mission Bride and Groom

Door of Hope Mission Bride and Groom

With spring and June approaching, now is a good time to look for vintage brides to add to your doll collection!

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