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What can one say about The Blonde One? She has taken more flak than any doll on record, yet she has also had honors heaped upon her golden head. She even has a place in the Smithsonian Institution and has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and Time magazine.

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

She has appeared in novels, including one of Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula series as “Barbie Dahl” [dahl is Dutch for “doll.”] How many dolls, or people for that matter, can brag that they have been the artistic muse for artists as varied as Andy Warhol and David Levinthal? Barbie has sported nearly every look, style, and hair color imaginable and has remained forever young, even at age 58.

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She has run for president, taught school, practiced medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, been an actress, astronaut, scientist, Olympic gymnast, rock star; you name it! She is the queen of licensed products in her name, even a child’s mouthwash, and has had museums and film dedicated to her.

Barbie For President

There’s no one like Barbara Millicent Roberts who has brought fashion sense and artistic inspiration to millions around the world.

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