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Ruby Lane is a sponsor of the 2018 United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) 69th Annual ‘Passport to Adventure’ Convention which will be held July 17 – 21, 2018 at the JW Marriott Desert Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. If we will not see you in person at the event, you can attend virtually through Facebook with the Dolls Lane of Ruby Lane. RSVP to the event.

Leading up to the convention, we looked back on some of our favorite UFDC Convention souvenir dolls.

Five Favorite UFDC Convention Dolls‌
1992 UFDC Convention Souvenir Doll -

1992 UFDC Convention Souvenir Doll – “Precious Lady”

1.    The 1992 UFDC Asian doll with modeled hair was done for a convention held in San Francisco.  She is by artist Kasue Moroi and stands 14.5 inches tall.  Her head and limbs are bisque; her body is cloth.  Her name is Precious Lady. San Francisco is home to many beautiful dolls from Asia and elsewhere.  Excavations in Chinatown turned up shards of many European bisque dolls, especially Frozen Charlottes, but there are shops devoted to wonderful Chinese and Japanese doll and artifacts.  It is still possible to find a few antiques and cultural symbols like the doctor’s lady, Kokeshi and Hakata dolls from Japan, and Chinese cloisonné dolls. Netsuke and jade figurines abound, too.

2.    8 inch Vogue ‘Just Me’ Souvenir Doll 2012, New Orleans:  This adorable girl is a Vogue doll, made in the image of the Armand Marseille Character, Just Me.  Her box converted into a stove.  The first Just Me had a bisque head and is a desirable antique.  Vogue was founded in Medford, MA, but the niece of the man who created Fuller Brush.  Ginny with her many outfits, accessories, and make-overs was an iconic doll for Vogue, so was Baby Dear, bought as a souvenir by Nikita Khrushchev to take home to the USSR.

Darling 'Just Me' All Bisque Doll by Vogue for UFDC

Darling ‘Just Me’ All Bisque Doll by Vogue for UFDC

photo via Honey and Shars

photo via Honey and Shars

3.    UFDC 1990 Mechanical Bisque Doll, South Conference:  She was made by Yolanda Paul.  With her music box, she is 16 inches tall with a bisque head and blonde hair.  Her accessories were a maroon pillow, a pearl, and a clown.  She is an ethereal princess that conjures the mystical and wonderful history behind mechanical dolls and automatons.    Did you know Mary Shelley saw an exhibition of automatons before she wrote Frankenstein?

4.    1994 Queen Victoria by Virginia Atelier Studio, Atlanta:  There is nothing more fitting than a UFDC doll honoring Victoria, the queen who was both an early doll collector and inspiration for dolls. Her husband, Prince Albert, also gave us Christmas with its trees, toys emphasis, and traditions as we know it.  So often, we see portraits of Queen Victoria as the dour widow, sad and grey.  This lovely doll is based on a portrait by Winterthalter, who showed the queen as a young, beautiful princess, often painted with her hair down.

via Ruby Lane

via Ruby Lane

‌Five Favorite UFDC Convention Dolls‌ Ruby Lane Blog2

5.    2006 Charlotte Bronte by Madame Alexander:  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte not only included a doll, it broke the class barrier for love affairs between female servants and the Master of the House.  It also gave another romantic here in Mr. Rochester that was “mad, bad, and dangerous to know,” a phrase coined to describe Lord Byron. As writer Barbara Pym put it in her work, Jane Eyre gave hope to single women everywhere.  Without Jane Eyre, we wouldn’t have a lot of romance novels or TV like The Nanny, I Dream of Jeannie, Nanny, and the Professor, or The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This doll represents strong women in history.

UFDC dolls make fascinating collections in themselves as a history of dolls and humanity combined.  We hope there will be many more! You can shop past UFDC Dolls and Accessories on the newly revamped UFDC website.

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