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1.    Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, allegedly still keeps his on his bed, and travels with his teddy bear (according to claims in a book by the U.S. writer Christopher Andersen.) If fact, a significant amount of adults still take their childhood teddy to bed.

Prince Charles Photo via Wikipedia Commons

2.    Larry Linville, the actor who played Major Frank Burns on MASH, was a teddy bear artist. According to, an article published in Newsweek on December 24th, 1984, reported that Larry Linville’s sister-in-law owned a chain of stores called Bear ‘N Grin It (as opposed to Grin ‘N Bear It), in which Linville’s bears were sold.

Larry Linville 'Major Teddy' via Susan Quinlan Doll Museum and Library

3.    The record price for a teddy bear is $2.1 million. Louis Vuitton Bear – she was purchased in 2000 for nearly $2.1 million dollars at “Les Teddies de l’an 2000′, a charity auction in Monaco. The buyer was renowned Korean bear collector Jessie Kim. Now you can pay her a visit at the teddy bear museum in JeJu, South Korea.

Image source:
Peter Bull and his bear - photo via

4.    Late actor Peter Bull wrote books about Teddy Bears and was a famous collector of them.  The star of Dr. Strangelove and The African Queen provided his bear, Delicatessen, to play Aloysius, the bear in PBS’ Brideshead Revisited. The majority of Bull’s collection now resides at the Toy and Model Museum in London.

5.    Jackie Miley of South Dakota holds the Guinness Book of World’s Record for the largest Teddy Bear collection in the world with over 8,026 bears. Take a virtual tour with Jackie in the video below courtesy of Guinness World Records YouTube channel.

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