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As hard as it is to cope with, the Holidays are mere weeks away.  If your shopping isn’t finished, here are suggestions to help those challenged when it comes to buying dolls as gifts.  Here is a new idea; pair a vintage doll with a doll being featured today.  Include an article about the vintage doll to help educate new collectors on their treasures.  Below are some suggested pairings of old and new dolls. Happy Shopping, and Happy Holidays!

1.    Barbie:  Find a vintage Barbie on Ruby Lane as a gift for someone special.  To round out Barbie’s history and inspire a new collector, include the 2017 Holiday Barbie, or one of the new Barbie Fashionistas featuring diverse body types, complexion, and hairstyles.

Vintage #3 Mattel Barbie

Vintage #3 Mattel Barbie

2.    Raggedy Ann:  The top of the line Volland doll is a great choice, but many old Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are out there, including Averill and Knickerbocker dolls. Many versions have been made of these two beloved dolls over the last 100+ years; today, Cracker Barrel restaurants even sell them.  There are countless items of merchandise and memorabilia available, including the original books by Gruelle.  Not at all bad for this centenarian!

Raggedy Ann Ruby Lane Blog

3.    Madame Alexander vintage Cissy in one of her fantastic outfits paired with a Cissy still made today. The differences are subtle, but they are there.  Classic dolls, like classic cars, retain certain signature characteristics over the years, but they also contrast each other because of subtle changes that happen over time.

Vintage Cissy Photo by Bruce Allen de Armond

4.    Original Star Wars Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia paired with the current figures or figures on the market for the last ten years.  As you search, may the Force be with you.

Bisque Dolls for Sale on Ruby Lane

5.    Antique French and German bisque dolls with ball jointed bodies versus modern ball jointed dolls by Dollfie, Pullip, and other companies.  These pairings illustrate how a tradition in making doll bodies has evolved, and also how antique dolls influence the construction of modern ones.

6.    Mickey Mouse:  It is a lot of fun to collect The Mouse and his friends.  Early, cloth, bisque, and plush dolls are fun to display with more current examples, including Disney store plush astronaut Mickey.

Vintage Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Wall Hanging Tapestry

Vintage Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Wall Hanging Tapestry

1930s George Borgfeldt Mickey Mouse Doll 18

1930s George Borgfeldt Mickey Mouse Doll 18″

7.    Shirley Temple versus any modern celebrity doll, including dolls by Tonner and Alexander.  Our adoration of the rich and famous never wanes, but how we portray them as dolls will vary.

Shirley Temple Ruby Lane

8.    Toni with all her fun hairdos and accessories and The American Girls.  Well groomed dolls always tell a fascinating story.  The accessories, clothing, furniture, and hairstyles for both types of dolls inspire collectors from all over the world.

P-91 15

P-91 15″ Toni Doll by Ideal All Original tagged dress!

All Original 1950's Ideal Toni Doll

All Original 1950’s Ideal Toni Doll

1950s Ideal Toni Doll P-91 Walker Wearing Hawaiian Outfit

1950s Ideal Toni Doll P-91 Walker Wearing Hawaiian Outfit

9.    The Schoenhut Circus v. Modern Action figures.  The early, well-articulate Schoenhut dolls were the predecessors of the jointed, poseable action figures popular today.

Sensational Schoenhut Circus with Tent, Elephants, Clowns, Acrobat, Wagon, Tiger

Sensational Schoenhut Circus with Tent, Elephants, Clowns, Acrobat, Wagon, Tiger

10.    German Character babies, Bye-los, Dream Babies paired with reborn baby dolls. Doll legend has it that baby dolls did not really become popular until after the 18th century.  Be that as it may, baby dolls of all kinds are here to stay, and the super realism of the artist made reborn dolls hearken back to the trend towards realistic dolls of the early 20th century, which included bisque dolls by Kestner and others, but also art dolls by Kathe Kruse.

Kammer & Reinhardt 126 Antique Character Baby

Kammer & Reinhardt 126 Antique Character Baby

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