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I have no doubt that not everyone will agree with me. But I’d venture to guess many of you will. As always, comments are welcomed!

So diving in – here it goes:

1.. Listings on Ruby Lane where the dimensions are only shown in photographs and not stated within the listing. Sooooooo annoying. I do understand that that ‘trick’ is being used by a couple of the top sellers, but there is no excuse for the dimensions not to be declared within the listing.
2.. Listings on Ruby Lane that state (for example) “This item is in excellent condition. It has a huge chip in the side and is missing half, but that does not detract from the beauty of the piece.” (exaggerated a tad to make the point).
3.. Listings on Ruby Lane that fail to illustrate with views that include top, bottom, right side, left side, and back.
4.. Listings on Ruby Lane where the photographs are clearly out of focus. Don’t the shop owners know this before they list it?
5.. Listings on Ruby Lane that go on and on and on especially when they are clear exaggerations and in some cases, huge stretches of the imagination. Again, just as with item #1, this is often done by some of the top sellers on the Lane. I have to wonder how many of their sales result in renegs, complaints, or returns. One dealer in particular has made a big business out of selling damaged merchandise for top dollar. Bravo to her! She could sell the Brooklyn Bridge! Personally, I don’t even look at her shop any more as I cannot trust a single thing she says. Beautiful on the surface, ugly under the covers.
6.. Purchase orders that go unpaid especially layaway deals. It doesn’t seem to matter how many reminders are sent.

Here’s a list of pet peeves we dealers often encounter at shows from either other sellers or from customers:

1.. A customer asks for your ‘best’ price and when you respond with it, they then ask if you can do better.
2.. A customer asks where you bought the item. Not because they want to know the provenance, but because they want to do what you do and want to pick your brain without giving you any credit for the many years of experience and research done to hone your skills. The next month they set up at a show and wonder why they have no sales.
3.. Other dealers who complain about their sales who don’t DO anything to update their merchandise, add new items, display them differently, and frankly do everything exactly the same month after month, year after year – this applies to RL sellers as well.
4.. Dealers who don’t understand basic business tenets such as ‘it takes money to make money’ and refuse to invest in simple things like clean (can be recycled) wrapping paper or bubble wrap and still use newspaper which is dirty and weighs more than tissue paper or bubble wrap so affects shipping costs. They don’t have a clue how that might be affecting their sales or customer’s perception of you. The exception, of course, is that if you are selling junky things (a relative term to be sure) it doesn’t really matter if you use junky materials to display or wrap or describe your wares. Junk does sell so you junk dealers carry on!!
5.. Dealers who neglect to reveal repairs.
6.. Customers who start out belittling your wares before making an UNsolicited offer to purchase. Do you really think we don’t notice?
7.. Be backers – at a show of course. Those folks that ask you to set aside something (without a deposit) saying they’ll be back but never do come back.
8.. Bad behavior. If you are nice to me I’ll probably be nice back. Come at me with a low ball offer and a snotty attitude and guess what…
I could go on but I want to leave room for you to comment without being overwhelmed.

Barbara Jokel
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