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Antique and Vintage Glass Anyone? My siblings and I are in the process of sifting, sorting, dividing and selling my parents’ estate, and OH MY GOODNESS, what a job it is!!! Mother had already begun trying to prioritize and clear out lots of things so we wouldn’t have to go through so much, and she did help us A LOT with papers and records that she shredded. However, I don’t believe I have ever seen as much pressed glass, patterned glass, depression glass and painted glass under one roof!

There are 4 of us children, 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, so there’s a home for ALL of the furniture and many of the very special collectible items. But even with that said, there will still be a truckload of items that will either be sold or distributed to folks or organizations who have need for them. Funny thing, there are some items that meant nothing to me until Mother was gone, and now some of those treasures that she loved will be coming to my house, even though they aren’t things that I collect.

Mother was like many of us, in that through the years, her buying tastes began to change. For instance, many of the antiques in her home are beautiful pieces of oak furniture, but in her last 20 years of life, she bought walnut or cherry. She never quit enjoying her glass items, but she also added wooden sugar buckets, pantry boxes, dough bowls and old baskets to her collection. However, all those oak pieces had a story behind them, and were part of our history of growing up there. My daddy was an insurance salesman, and at that time you went house to house to collect the insurance premiums. A gal I taught with recalls him coming to her home when she was a little girl, and bringing groceries with him because he knew it would be a pinch for them to pay premiums and have food as well. One other way people paid was by giving him tangible items in exchange for their payment. We have furniture in Mother’s home that was a result of a those trades. He would bring them home(often in very rough condition), repair and refinish them, and next thing you know, we had some beautiful pieces of furniture that we enjoyed through the years.

Then there’s the claw foot library table that went way back in our family…that’s going to an older brother, as well as a marble top walnut dresser that came from another side of the family. There’s the curved glass piece that my brother-in-law helped him to refinish, and that’s one of the pieces going to my sister. We’ll still be eating around the table that Daddy refinished when all the family gathers at my younger brother’s home for Christmas. One of the grandkids now has the Grandfather clock that Daddy and my uncle put together so many years ago, and another will have a long church pew from the old sanctuary before we rebuilt and moved our church family to a different location. After the homeplace is emptied, part of the family will be sleeping on their beds, sitting on their chairs and reading under their lamps from here to who knows where when they visit. In fact, everywhere we visit, from Washington D.C. to Missouri; Oklahoma to Kentucky, anytime we visit one another, we will be able to enjoy happy memories from Mother and Daddy’s home where we all had such a blessed life growing up!

As for all the glassware, I’m not sure where it’s all going. For sure, there is PLENTY for everyone to share! It just keeps on growing and growing as we empty her cupboards and cabinets. We’re not sure WHO will want to keep her silver collectibles polished, but I’m sure someone will have an attachment to those pieces too.

This is a bittersweet process. Even as mentally and physically draining as it has been and still is to break up the home where we lived for so many years, we have laughed, cried and laughed again at the cards and letters we have found, shared memories, and realized even more what a legacy we have to cherish! Mother and Daddy would love knowing all their earthly “stuff” that they enjoyed will now be enjoyed by their generations to follow!

It’s not likely that “many things” from the estate will be sold from my shop, but there may be a few things I will be offering. So just know that if my listings say that something came from my parents’ home, you will know that it came from a great place!

Feel free to stop in and browse online where my shop is full of collectibles from the past. Visit www.rubylane/shops/loghomeantiques or www.rubyplaza/shops/loghomeshopping today, where the weather is just perfect! There’s something for just about everyone.

Marsha Beaton
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