Can Weeping Gold Pottery Be a Valuable Collectible?

The interest in acquiring precious metals, such as gold, has risen in our tough economical times. What is mostly being bought and sold are not the usual collectibles, but gold and silver, in any form. Bullion, jewelry, computer parts and scrap metal prices are really up there.

Ruby Lane & Ruby Plaza Seller Notes: A New Year's Top 10 'To Do' List for Shops

10. Check your Favorite Links page for dead links. If you have set up reciprocal links in your shop, check to make sure each one still works. This means checking it both ways, from your shop to their site and from their site to your shop.

Web sites may disappear, a Web address may have changed, or the link they used to have on their site leading to your shop may have been accidentally deleted.

Marks4Antiques: Contemporary Dolls from the 1950s to Present

Contemporary dolls - those plastic and vinyl made since around 1950 - are growing in popularity among collectors.

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