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November 12th – 18th is Doll and Bear Week on Ruby Lane! We are hosting a virtual celebration, which means you can attend no matter where you are in the world. Join in with our cameras as we explore London, England for the 200 Years of Childhood Doll and Bear Event. You can look forward to the week culminating in educational programs by experts in dolls and teddy bears, LIVE booth talks from International Ruby Lane Shop Owners, and a special visit to the Victoria and Albert Children’s Museum in Bethnal Green.

Here are some of the top 5 things you can look forward to participating in:


1.    200 Years of Childhood is an event held live in London celebrating dolls and bears, 1750-1950.  It was around 200 years ago that childhood as we know it came into, well, play!  Children were no longer treated as mini-adults, childhood dress emerged, toys became more plentiful, and the emergence of the baby doll soon followed. RSVP to the event and follow virtually on the Ruby Lane Dolls Facebook Page.

2.    Virtually visit the V&A Museum of Childhood with its terrific collection of dolls and toys as well as special exhibits. The museum holds the largest collection of dolls in the UK. Ruby Lane Dolls will be posting video clips and photos from the museum in a dedicated album on the page. You will love it!

Photo credit: V&A Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green, London

3.    Virtually attend all the events through the Ruby Lane Dolls Page.  Look for special talk and seminar including special programs by shop owners and exhibitors. Visit here for more information on all the programs happening at the event.

Ruby Lane Dolls

4.    Watch and share four new educational video slideshows that were made special for the 2018 Doll Week. The video topics include The History of Teddy Bears, Lenci Dolls, The History of Raggedy Ann, and a slideshow of photos from The Grovian Doll Museum. All of the videos will be posted on the Ruby Lane Dolls Facebook page.

5.    Shop great new arrivals on the Dolls Lane at Enter the $500 shopping spree; you just never know!  There are amazing dolls and related items new every day on the Dolls Lane! The contest for the $500 shopping spree starts Monday, November 12! Enter by clicking the photo below on that date. or on the Ruby Lane Dolls Facebook page.

Doll Week $500 Giveaway

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