Am I Losing Weight Because my Shop is Losing Weight?

Am I losing weight because my shop is losing weight?

I have lost thirty pounds in the last year. This is intentional. I have been paying greater attention to what I eat ever since my doctor wanted to double my Lipitor. But I have tried to lose weight before to no avail. Why is it working now?

As I was considering this question, one thing occurred to me. My shop is losing weight, too. I am two years into what I am calling my five-year liquidation. After thirty-five years accumulating antique lighting and parts, I decided that I should probably start to get rid of some stuff. Like most antique dealers, I throw out nothing. I have barrels of old sockets and gas light fittings in my garage. I have two thousand antique glass shades, and hundreds of ceiling lights and sconces. I have more than I could sell in two lifetimes particularly in this economy. Therefore, two years ago I began to sell off parts and pieces I would never have let go before. It has been invigorating. I sorted through my sockets for the best and most complete and found antique lighting dealers who wanted specific types. I sorted barrels of 2 ¼”shade holders into all the different types. I found glass shade blowers who prefer the old holders and sold them hundreds of them. I took fifty miscellaneous lamp bases to the Brimfield flea market and sold them all. Recently a lighting dealer I have known for years and now resides in the state of Washington came through town. I sold him 12 small crystal chandeliers out of my warehouse.

I have sold a significant amount of stuff, but still have much more to go. By selling slowly and placing things with the right buyers, I am getting better money than I would if I auctioned it all off at once. Besides, I still plan to keep my shop for a few more years until I retire. Retire? Do antique dealers ever really retire? Of course not, I will keep my Ruby Lane shop and utilize on line auctions to act as low overhead outlets for my pickings. I will continue to poke around antique shops, yard sales, and flea markets. The desire to hunt and buy and sell for a profit (or loss) never goes away.

This then may be why my recent weight loss campaign has been successful. Our shops are an expression or extension, if you will, of us. For me it is just possible that there is a parallel between my shedding some excess poundage and my shop doing the same.

Or am I being too psychological?

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