A Jewelry Addiction

"Hello, my name is Vintage Shari and I'm a Jewelryholic."

I was recently forced to deal with the daunting task of trying to reorganize approximately 600 pieces of jewelry stock. Our Ruby Lane sister shop closed and just like in real life, while I sometimes found her demanding, I didn’t know how much I loved her until she was gone. I was going through drawer after drawer, sitting on the floor. Oh, good god, there’s more behind the door! I felt I was in true jeopardy while attempting to get the blood back to my head. I found an earring while running my hands through my hair. In a nearby window reflection I caught a glimpse of Albert Einstein, took me a minute to realize it was ME.

I must admit it had me considering an impromptu barn fire. Can you be too rich? No! No such animal on earth. Too thin? Yes. At nearly 60, shopping in little girls departments was not in the brochure. But can you have too much stock? Seriously, I’m asking. Can you? With so many people throwing themselves in the on line market does the future hold a twelve step program for sellers?

If so I imagine withdrawals from listing stock will go something like this. Over a nice dinner out with friends you'll be asked to pass the butter and you'll reply, “Why certainly Madge. Did you know butter dates back as early as 9000 BC in the Mesopotamian area, and is formed by shaking cream from milk. The earliest butters were made from sheep or goats' milk. Butter is now valued at $2.95 a pound and your square is 1 inch long by 1 inch wide.”
Yes, I've had a couple of strokes but that scenario is possible! As I look at my shoe box lids overflowing with beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches, I wish I was anyone else but me right now. I might as well confess to the fifty pieces I just recently bought that have yet to even be listed. I can easily pass by anything that does not excite me. But when I spot something special, it sings to me, “If you leave me...”. The right pair of eyes is all it will take for it to be adopted by someone who will treasure it as much I did. But some pieces take a long time to be found. When I do the math they might outlive me.

You might end up hugging your own carpet one day and sorting through hundreds of pieces of jewelry. I will probably end up buying those as well. Yes, my name is Vintage Shari and I am a jewelryholic! Are you? To all, I wish patience and perseverance as we ride though the changes in our Lanes with an enduring love for what we do.

Vintage Shari

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