Who was Wallace Nutting? Part II

In Part 1, we presented a brief biography of Wallace Nutting and discussed his photographic pursuits. Although most people think of Wallace Nutting as a photographer, his passions extended far beyond the popular hand-colored pictures for which he became famous.

Wallace Nutting had a deep respect for history and that respect led him to buy historic homes and restore them to period. He furnished them with period furniture and eventually owned 5 antique houses. He used these houses as backdrops and settings for many of his photos. His quest to provide accurate surroundings and furnishings in these homes fueled an interest in manufacturing furniture. He took a purist's approach, crafting his furniture with the same tools and materials, and in the manner of the antiques they copied. This attention to detail made his furniture just as collectible as the antiques they copied.

He also became a noted author. His first book, "Old New England Pictures", is quite rare and was published in 1913. In 1917, he published "Windsor Chairs". Additionally, he authored a series of 10 States Beautiful books. These books discuss his travels in eight U.S. states and two foreign countries. Each book featured a large number of pictures from the corresponding location and they proved to be very popular. He also wrote "The Clock Book" as well as a number of books about furniture and his autobiography in 1936.

Wallace Nutting died in 1941 at the age of 79. He was a clergyman, a traveler, a craftsman, an author and artist. But maybe most of all, Wallace Nutting loved history and historic dwellings. He used that passion to record and share America's history through his various pursuits, sharing his thoughts and the beauty that surrounded him, with all of us. If you missed

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