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Selling on Ruby Lane and being a collector of vintage jewelry I have found a great deal of Avon Jewelry. I never actually thought much about Avon Jewelry being worth much. I grew up thinking Avon was all about make up and perfumes. What could they know about jewelry? As time went on I thought that the pieces of Avon jewelry were very beautiful and showed very good quality.

As I began to research more about Avon jewelry was I ever in for a surprise. It is true the Avon Company has long been known for it's beauty products. In fact I found out the company started in 1886 making it over one hundred years old.. Avon is a very stable company.

In the 60's Avon began to sell jewelry with it becoming more widely available in the 70's. What was interesting to me was finding out that Avon actually owned Tiffany for about four years. Another thing I found interesting was all the different designers they used, like Trifari, Ceilia, Sebri, Elizabeth Taylor, Coreen Simpson and many other well know designers.

I think in the future Avon pieces will become extremely popular for all collectors. There are many pieces of Avon Jewelry that are greatly sought after right now.

My final words are when you come across Avon vintage jewelry be sure to look up the piece and research it completely. Marcel Boucher designed much of Avon's jewelry, who would have ever thought that could have happened. I have definitely changed my attitude toward Avon jewelry. God Bless Sandy.

Sandra Compton
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